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by Danae Young


This week on Jersey Shore, Sammi wants to leaving the house and Ryder concerns visit again.


Tom really screwed JWOWW end by taking so numerous of her points so she chose to change the locks top top the doors therefore he can’t get in the home anymore and also take something else of hers.


She had actually no whereby to put her dog so she decided to bring them back to the Jersey coast house.


Before JWOWW and also Snooki made it earlier to the house, Snooki’s friend Ryder verified up.


Deena take it Ryder come happy hour top top the boardwalk to save her firm until Snooki proved up.


Everyone went out that night and Sammi witnessed Ronnie talking to a girl and freaked out.


Back at the residence Ronnie threw every one of her clothes everywhere, which do Sammi cry.


Vinny has a grenade horn that he blows as soon as there is a grenade in the house. There just so happened to it is in a grenade in the home so he blew the horn. It to be hilarious!


JWOWW comforted Ronnie and he began crying.


Sammi was upstairs and also The instance told she Ronnie was talking to JWOWW therefore Sammi gained pissed and also socked Ronnie in the face.


Then Sammi conduct to speak to her mom and also asked she to choose her up since she want to walk home.


Everyone tried convincing Sammi come stay, which to be pretty shocking.


Sammi and also Ronnie consisted of by the end of the night since Sammi had some realization that her gaining upset to be stupid. Oh, how quickly things change.


Sammi decided to stay. Shocker.


Snooki determined to to buy a stripper pole for the house. It is going come be exciting for the remainder of the season.


The boys found out about a sexual an enig about Deena, and word conveniently got around. Deena discovered out about the rumor and denied it best away.


Deena observed the Ronnie look-alike at the club and also told him turn off for beginning the rumor.

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JWOWW and Sammi “hugged that out” and also are earlier to being friends. Surprise, surprise!


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