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I"ve to be on this forum analysis alot of this threads as soon as zero oil press at idle. I have actually zero oil push at idle when engine is warm, I have done a compression check on every cylinders they have actually all passed. I have actually done a radiator compression test this has actually passed. Adjusted out my oil sensor in the engine block and also I have hooked increase a hands-on gauge because that my oil pressure. As soon as I begin my jeep up as soon as it is cold, i have great oil pressure and everything sounds right, but as the reaches 210" my oil push drops to zero. I have adjusted my oil 4 times (using 10W30). And I have additionally checked my CMP and replaced it. Execute I need to replace my oil pump or am I lacking a step?Any information would be substantially appreciated, thanks


When I start the engine the push gauge reads 20psi, as the engine warms up the oil push drops. And also when the engine reaches 210" the hands-on pressure gauge reads 0.

I would start with the oil pump. I can"t think of any type of other factor unless the engine is sludged really bad.. I"ll wait for others come chine in.

low oil pressure could be either a weak oil pump however most of the moment it is because of engine wear..20 pounds ~ above a cold engine is lower than it have to be..compression test is only checking the seal ~ above the rings and valves no the wear on the crankshaft bearings,etc..if you desire to shot to delay tearing right into it,try part lucas oil stabilizer..sometimes it help if it is not too bad
If girlfriend bought a mechanical gauge that has 20 together the lowest number v mabye one hash mark prior to that that wouldn"t surprise me the it shows no press at idle when warm. If you room idling at approximately 1000rpm 2 or 3psi will certainly be enough. I don"t understand where the idiot light comes on for her Jeep, but they are often in the 5-7psi range.Low oil press is frequently a authorize of stay in the crankshaft bearings.
If girlfriend bought a mechanically gauge that has 20 together the shortest number v mabye one hash mark before that that wouldn"t surprised me the it mirrors no pressure at idle when warm. If you room idling at about 1000rpm 2 or 3psi will be enough. I don"t recognize where the idiot light come on for her Jeep, but they are frequently in the 5-7psi range.Low oil press is frequently a authorize of undertake in the crankshaft bearings.
Stop! Don"t purchase anything! It"s her oil push sending unit! This little cylinder point that like plugs into the engine. Google it. They go out a lot. There"s naught wrong with the jeep. I just replaced mine for the precise reason about three months ago. And also don"t buy digital or indigenous dealer. Cheapest course is to jut walk to an auto parts store and tell castle what friend need. They have actually them in stock back in the shelves behind the counter. Instead of costed me 25$.
The an initial thing ns would carry out is to verify v an actual oil push gauge the you have actually a real push problem. Climate if you perform , readjust the oil and also put in 20w-50. If that goes up drastically then you probably have a worn engine. Definition bearings, not rings. The thicker oil will raise it. If it still drops come zero very quickly at about the very same temp I would suspect the oil pump push relief valve or the pump chin is worn out. Hope this helps.
I also get the same exact problem, haven"t to be able to acquire a hands-on gauge on, but additionally when I"m offroad rise a hill in a low equipment my push shoots increase on mine dash gauge to 80psi! Scares me
So ns took the jeep to a stealership and they said the engine was blown. I do not think thats best they stated that lock stared the engine and let it operation for 10 sec then shut the off and also the coolant line to be hard and also because of the there to be exhaust gases in the coolant and there for its a swollen engine can"t it is in right? or can it? in my civilization its time for a second opinion.
WTF? "The coolant line to be hard because of the exhaust gases"? Not lot of a diagnosis. If the engine to be cold and also truly accumulated pressure in the cooling system much faster than the water could have heated and also built pressure, I deserve to see suspecting a swollen head gasket, a cracked head, or a cracked block. However I would certainly look into it additional than that prior to condemning the engine so quickly. Also if the is a swollen head gasket, that in itself is worth solving unless the engine has been trashed from driving it the way. An ext tests and inspections are in order, in mine opinion.
In God we trust.All others bring data.----------------------"02 Sport, soft top, 6 cylinder5 speed manual, 4" lift, 33.5" tires~144K miles
Stop! Don"t purchase anything! It"s your oil press sending unit! This little cylinder thing that favor plugs right into the engine. Google it. Castle go out a lot..
The mechanical oil push gauge he added doesn"t usage the oil push sender and also it additionally indicated 0 oil pressure once the engine warmed up which agrees through the OE oil push gauge.
Well that don"t look good. Somehow ns missed that the gauge to be subbed because that a known mechanical ditto and also still check out 0...

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In God us trust.All others carry data.----------------------"02 Sport, soft top, 6 cylinder5 rate manual, 4" lift, 33.5" tires~144K miles
Pressure in the cooling device is virtually always a puffy head gasket. Engine compression going right into the cooling system.
Had the same problem. Start driving oil press normal. 15-20min down the roadway at stop oil pressure 0, at go oil pressure 20 max. Ns am hesitant of sending out unit or gauge faults due to the fact that if they display pressure at any kind of time cold/hot/driving/not they room working. So ns did a little digging and also found this write-up (definitely check it out, the male did a good job explicate oil in the engine) come the article clearances ~ above crankshaft bearings obtain worn and also engine have the right to not push oil thru your engine come cylinder head hence the clank that valves once your oil pressure is 0. So ns went and also bought STP oil treatment and also threw that on optimal of 10W40 and oil push improved but not perfectly. Go ahead and bought another one and also that did the trick. On start up oil pressure-60, ~ driving heat up oil pressure-40 and also at avoid oil pressure-20. It’s definitely a game in between summer/winter, oil viscosity (10W40 median it thickens at 10F and also flowing in ~ 40F, so in a summer go greater numbers in the winter walk lower), keep it family member to worn engine (please no gear oil ) rather regulate it with amount that STP (you’ll watch that stuff is lot thicker than regular oil). Friend obviously make the engine work-related harder through thicker stuff yet you obtained to obtain oil come the top. At the same time think of engine rebuild (sorry-you got time though).