Word has actually it the a former Minnesota first Daughter, Jade Janos, gained married end the summer come Matthew Johnson.

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Word has actually it that a previous Minnesota an initial Daughter, Jade Janos, got married over the summer come Matthew Johnson.

Efforts were unsuccessful to reach former Gov. Jesse Ventura because that a comment about his daughter"s respectable wedding. Ns hear that Ventura looked really proud and was attract a tux, but I might not discern even if it is he make any, ah, hairstyle concessions because that the big milestone.

Congrats to the newlyweds.

Sympathies expanded

Like most of us, the human being at Bloomington"s PACER facility are for sure heartbroken around the triple tragedy in the life that Oscar-winning singer Jennifer Hudson.

Hudson"s mother, Darnell Donerson, brother Jason Hudson and nephew Julian King to be slain in Chicago, the hometown of the "American Idol" alum.

PACER staffers communicated with Hudson in 2007 when she headlined the yearly gala for the center that helps kids with disabilities.

"We space so very, very sorry for Jennifer Hudson and also her family," said Paula Goldberg, exec director. "We are sending a card and also donations in honor of she family. She to be so wonderful as soon as she was here, together a fine human being. We wish we could do more to ease she pain and also grief. Ours thoughts and also prayers are with her."

A project with a twist

Personality-wise, the editor the Mpls.St.Paul mag, Brian Anderson, has been playing possum.

A side of Anderson I"ve never seen is on video clip at www.mspmag.com/redemption. Piece on the mag ed"s fictitious operation for market of Minneapolis space being done by his son David Anderson, who is based in L.A. Mayor R.T. Rybak plays follow me in a cameo the steals the show.

After hearing around the video, i e-mailed Anderson the Lesser to ask whether this was an effort to imbue his dad through a personality. "Personality?" Lesser replied. "The guy"s obtained too lot personality if girlfriend ask me. We have to rein the in in ~ most family members dinners by dropping Ritalin in his drink." Ooooh, where"s that video? so why carry out I think the Anderson the Greater together boring and also stuffy? "You just see me at formal events," stated Greater. "He simply said, be yourself, Dad. I take direction from my handlers."

So reportedly does mayor Rybak. "We had 15 minutes; i said, "This is what needs to happen. Brian"s going to come in ..." and R.T. Simply ran through it," claimed Lesser.

As the higher stormed right into the mayor"s office, R.T. To be sounding positive presidential in a phone call: "Cut $15 million ... Do it by tomorrow."

When higher told that this campaign -- as a member the the Redemption Party, who mascot is a camel -- would certainly be different because of the support of Anderson"s son, R.T. Wisecracks "That nut," and this: "You run against me and also you"ll be walking roughly with a huge hump."

Shakeup at WLTE-FM

Radio executive Mary Niemeyer did no respond to my request for she to call me what she could around the disappearance of the WLTE-FM morning show crew.

My guess is the Niemeyer"s thinking: your names room not on the website anymore. Execute the math. Either the personnel or the format is gift changed, or both.

Reader Gloria Pflager e-mailed that as soon as she dubbed the station, she to be told they space "no longer with us." Haven"t ns recommended the you guys STOP acquiring emotionally attached to radio talents? KS95 fans deserve to take very small solace in unconfirmed gossip the the Cheryl formerly the "Van & Cheryl" call is rumored to it is in going to WLTE. If you miss out on Teri Knight, go to she gardenbite.com website and also say therefore in an e-mail.

very first dibs at T-Rex

I didn"t realize ns was hobnobbing with one of the richest world in America at the opened of Steve Schussler"s best restaurant yet, T-Rex, at Disney World.

Thanks come YouTube.com (search: "Timeshare Billionaire""), I"ve watched this small Florida resort under construction, which Jacqueline and David Siegel will call home. It"s 90,000 square feet, however he deserve to afford it because Siegel is "King that the American Timeshare Business," follow to CNBC.

Sensing that Orlando"s T-Rex to be going to be very popular with his children, Siegel request Schussler for some sort of pass the would mean David and Jacqueline don"t have to stand in the long lines the 30,000-square-foot, $30 million restaurant proceeds to attract.

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Schussler owes Siegel big time. Schussler can not obtain Disney executives to fly to Minnesota to take a look at his T-Rex concept, staged in a gold Valley warehouse. "So ns filled up four 40-foot trucks through dinosaurs and had them propelled to Florida; if I"m in their earlier yard, over there is no means they would certainly refuse me. It was a tiny extreme," Schussler said. "I recognize that. My friend David Siegel agreed come let me usage his conference ballroom at Westgate Lakes as a demonstration an are to show Disney my concepts." ~ 9/11 hit, the dinosaurs wound up spending an additional six months on Siegel"s property.

"I"ll get David a front-of-the-line pass," Schussler said. "He"ll never need to wait in line."

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