Eli and Liza room addicted to Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, a kid’s display on Nickelodeon — and also with reason. The arts direction’s fabulous and also the stories room fun. Among the characters, Widget, is constantly making the something-or-other 3000, a habit that Eli has picked up. “Look, dad!” that says, brandishing a tinkertoy creation. “My Robot walker 3000!”

It’s possible I’ve come to be addicted to it, too, due to the fact that I’ve discovered myself thinking around it far much more than I more than likely should. Special, I’ve to be thinking around how the present handles gender.

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Take a look at the very first season’s theme.


As shown in this picture, there are three key characters: Walden, Wubbzy, and Widget. Walden reads together male, through his depth semi-Australian voice and also his ties and also all. Widget is clearly female, i m sorry is amazing — she’s a tinkerer and also a builder, and also plays versus the male engineer stereotype.

Wubbzy is much more ambiguous. He’s identified in the theme tune as a he, and also he does favor kickety-kick ball, but he’s not overtly color-coded choose Walden and also Widget. He mainly reads as a young kid, despite everyone undoubtedly defaults to thinking of him as male.

Now here’s the theme for Season 2.

You may have actually noticed Daizy has been shoehorned right into the theme.


Daizy likes to grow flowers. She’s often en pointe. She enjoys dressing up and also sewing. Her favorite expression is “lavender lollipops!” In one illustration she find a uni-horn whom she names Princess.

She can not be much more of a stereotypical tiny girl if she spent every illustration playing through dolls.

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I couldn’t find any information around why Daizy was added to the lineup, so what complies with is rampant speculation. Yet I imagine the creators or the network want to include a character the they assumed young girls would certainly identify more strongly with. Widget, regardless of being super-awesome, comes throughout as more of an adult than Wubbzy, and also Wubbzy, by virtue of our society’s defaults, is male. For this reason they added a character “for girls”.

So why is she a girl turned approximately 11? Wubbzy doesn’t embody every boy stereotype; why need to Daizy it is in a super girly girl? This strikes me as being along the exact same lines together Marvel’s do the efforts to pitch comic publications to women. “Chicks prefer dress-up, right? and ponies? We’ve got to have actually a pony in there.”

Liza and also Eli won’t notice any that this, no overtly. Yet they’ll absorb it, and also it’ll acquired woven right into their default see of the world. How excited need to Liza be the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! has produced a character for her to identify with, just to barely squeeze her right into the opened theme and to do her Wubbzy’s sidekick who, oh yes, happens to really favor him?