From every I could find, that is exit on Xbox 360, PSP, Wii, iOS, and also flash. The iOS version is only obtainable for a short amount of time. The Wii version is choose those shovelware games for the very same console. The is heavely provided with movement controls. The Xbox and PSP versions space the main game. You play as a magician riding top top a dragon killing people with his wand. In the Wii version, you and also the dragon fly through rings. The human being who paris through most rings wins. The iOS version is kind of favor clash royale i think. Ns haven't found any kind of gameplay of the version. The flash version is really different from other versions. Friend keep clicking enemies if defending the sorcerer’s on his castle. The flash version is the just playable version. Friend can quickly play that on a website dubbed . Please tell me if friend had much more information on twisted wizard. I additionally heard there is a sequel, but I'm no sure.

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Developed through Funbrain gamings in 1989, "Twisted Wizards" was an obscure G-rated video clip game that's widely taken into consideration Lost Media by today. Little information exists out on the Internet, however if you are a very committed fan, then you should be able to find some copies of old gaming magazines that advertises it. "Can you aid Tothlon the wizard conference the legend Thorian Wand and defeat Santal, the Twisted Wizard?"

The an initial game to be well-received, and they eventually made one adult-oriented sequel in 1992: "Twisted magician Black". But this was panned by critics due to it's heavy use that demonic imagery (namely, the illustration of Manao, a fire demon who aided Santal escape indigenous his magic mirror, where he to be imprisoned in at the end of the first game) and complete leave from the original game's RPG style, opting because that a shooter-based game. People likewise didn't favor the fact that lock ditched the Thorian Wand and gave Tothlon a giant lazer knife welded to his staff. The pan absolutely hated it and it was eventually regarded together a massive situation of Fanon Discontinuity, being related to as "non-canon" by many. Over there was in reality a professionally make "adult video parody" themed roughly the black version however people really don't want to talk about it so let's move on.

Seeing that black was therefore terribly-received, the studio the made the scraped together enough money to build "Twisted Wizards 2" in 1994. A more fully-fledged the end sequel that ignored the occasions of "Twisted Wizards Black", aimed at periods 13 and up, special the RPG element from an initial game and also several elements from the black version. It was massively more popular than the an initial game (similar to exactly how Team Fortress 1 was practically unknown, being in the shadow of Team Fortress 2) and was very well received. Even much more so than the very first one! The graphics were nice, the animations were smooth, and also the mechanics, oh, the mechanics were godly. Sadly, though, the studio eventually ran out of money, and had to protect against making gamings for a while, ending up being some type of edutainment website for schools, and publishing obscure functions of fiction, like "Dairy native a skimpy wit" or everything that was called, however in 2013, they began making gamings again, after ~ a 19 year break.

And so, in 2015, the first game and "Twisted Wizards 2" was in reality reworked into a mobile game by Funbrain Games, titled "Twisted Wizards: bag Edition". Yet sadly, the craze has died down. Yes, over there were significant amounts the old fans who downloaded the game, however it didn't make almost enough money together the studio expected. And so, it was gotten rid of from the appstore in 2016. Luckily, Funbrain games actually owned Poptropica, a social network game thingy for kids, and they actually placed a minigame dedicated to the original game's run.

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But if you're a fan of "Twisted Wizards", climate you need to stay optimistic! castle say the a "Twisted Wizards" movie has been in the functions for fairly some time, and also that the trailer have to be out part time in 2021! A documentary on the advancement of all 4 gamings are also set to be exit in 2020.