I'm talking about real cigars, not cigarillos. The ones girthier (ha) than your thumb. Cubans. You gain my drift. I've never seen one on this sub, and personally, I've rolled many blunts however have never ever dabbled with a true cigar. My inquiry is - Have any of you attempted to role one? What to be your method and success? photos are welcome!

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I agree, it provides a most weed and it is much more complex, although you don't need to smoke it all at once.

I had actually a girlfriend a couple of years ago who said he was great at rolling therefore I provided him an acid cigar (maybe Kuba Kuba or Blondie, ns don't remember) and my only real complain was that it take it him forever to role up together he had to be really careful with the slim leaf however it smoked beautifully well and also tasted like it would've through tobacco however with the added glory that the weed instead. Sweet and spicy, for this reason tasty. I wonder where that dude is this days, i need another one the those rolling up ASAP.

It seems prefer a major accomplishment v a pretty good reward if done correctly. Perhaps one day I'll try it, however as for currently I'm just enjoying her stories

Interesting, I'm glad someone who has actually done it has replied! can you describe the process of break it down? Don't friend peel off the first layer then split the second?

That, sir, would certainly be a cigarillo, not a cigar. Although this does lug up a point. I choose my file dry as soon as I role it, so ns don't lick it until after its rolled up, but it appears that everyone I recognize licks it before they dump their weed in. Occasionally I also dry the out with a lighter just to make it even much more crisp before I roll it. Does anyone else do what i do, or room all y'all pre-lickers?

I gained some Cuban cigars native my father in legislation a few years back from Canada. Assumed it would certainly be cool to role a blunt with one of them, ruined it.

You just can't re-roll good cigars or any cigars the are genuine leaves

You can, it's just a various technique. You need to peel off the external layer and also split the center (I think?) You need to be an extremely delicate, too. I wouldn't exercise on pretty Cubans, however I evaluate your attempt!

Hell yeah it’s fucking lit once you gained a team of human being with you in ~ an ~ party, friend look choose an OG through a whole fat cigar blunt just cheifin it increase in the room


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