I"ve had a couple blog readers interested in knowing what lake keeps arriving in the trailers because that National Treasure: publication of Secrets. From the scenes in the previews, its" pretty clear the the distinctive rocky see puts the lake in the black Hills. In fact, the granite formations around the water (in the previews, Nicolas Cage pole his hand into a crevice in the rocks for a great gag) room so much like mount Rushmore"s rock the some world are under the impression the the lake is behind the memorial.

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That"s not completely true. There is a lake behind mountain Rushmore - around two miles away follow me Highway 244 - yet it"s no the lake in the film.

Let"s begin with the lake nearest the sculpture. It"s dubbed Horsethief Lake, and as you can see top top the satellite map photo to the right (thank girlfriend Google), it"s pretty small. It"s an extremely scenic, of course, v the ponderosa woodland coming down the the beach and also nice rock formations roughly the lakefront. There"s a black color Hills National woodland campground over there - the nearest public campground to mount Rushmore. Since it"s just off the highway, many people like to stop and picnic over there after visiting the memorial. Once I remained in high school, ns remember everyone using some rocks along the edge for cliff jumping.

The lake you view in National Treasure: book of Secrets is a bit additional away, but still quite close to mount Rushmore. On the edge of Custer State Park, it"s called Sylvan Lake, and with an elevation of around 6,200 feet, it"s the highest lake in the black Hills. It"s additionally at the trailhead

of the hike up Harney Peak, i beg your pardon is the tallest mountain in north America east of the Rocky mountains (at 7,242 feet above sea level). As you can see from the satellite map to the left, it"s in a yes, really rocky area around eight mile from mountain Rushmore - girlfriend know, if you to be a bird. The remainder of us need to drive around 14 miles.

Sylvan Lake is more than likely the most beautiful lake in western southern Dakota. In fact, it"s sometimes called the Jewel the the black color Hills, and an ext than a few people have gotten married on the stone patio of Sylvan Lake Lodge overlooking the water. The lake is protected by some really striking weathered rocks, i m sorry keeps the lake surface ar unusually placid and reflective. In ~ sunrise and sunset it"s exceptionally romantic.

I have actually a emotion the skilled Hollywood cinematographers most likely do a better job of catching Sylvan Lake"s beauty beauty than any pictures ns could write-up here, so save your eye peeled for it once the movie comes out next Friday.

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