i to be going to get my sleep pierced, yet was wonder if the whole "gay/straight next of the nose piercing" point was quiet relevant. I want to get my appropriate nostril done, as my fringe sweeps to the left, and also the peak of mine left ear is pierced. For this reason it just seems to do sense. Ns not too bothering around piercing the "gay side" yet i was just wondering if people still believed this. Thanks

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what? you must have actually very little going on in your life to it is in worried about what side of your body is the gayiest. However based upon what you have actually said around your appearance. I would certainly go with the right, most civilization have the right side done, naught to carry out with it gift the happy or right side of your body.
back in the work it supplied to be stated that piercings were used to however used to advertise / express sex-related orientation though i think even then it was much more of an urban myth rather than something really and also these work there yes, really is not post being sent (other than probably you have actually a high pains threshhold??!)
Personally ns would have actually my left nostril done if any.... Yet surely the fact that you want this peircing done in the an initial place says an ext about you than wether you space gay or not? by the way.... Space you? have fun and don"t sneeze!!!!!

i was constantly told "Left ear Buckaneer, ideal ear queer"

Left nostril if your straight, ideal if u aint

Decisions decisions - lmao i have had actually my nose pierced for over 10 yrs and its ~ above my ideal side, ns cant speak I also cared that it can be my happy side, although i dont think there is together a thing. Hehehe... If ns worried the much around my piercings theyd all be one next of my human body lol, Id gain weighed down.
hi, i have actually my sleep pierced on the right and also my finest friend has hers pierced on the left, but i not think it really matters wht side, bc i view every1 through both sides every the time!!!
wow haha I never knew there was specific sides until now actually, i only had actually my nose done yesterday on the appropriate side however i"m no homosexual at all. Ns say just pick the side that you think will suit girlfriend best, like the left next wouldn"t fit me in ~ all however that doesn"t make me homosexual.

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