10 Giveaways Minato to be Naruto's father All follow me For the longest time, the identity of Naruto"s father was retained a secret. What to be the ideas & indications that pointed to Minato Namikaze?

Naruto Minato smiling
as soon as Naruto learns that his parents are, that finally realizes his significance to Konohagakure as the son of Minato Namikaze, the fourth Hokage and also hero who stopped the Nine-Tails. Naruto invested his childhood trying to to fill the void of loneliness together he had no family members member to depend on.

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For fans, the disclose of Minato and also Kushina together Naruto"s parents was a minute they all waited for because they were currently in on the secret. It was amazing to know that Naruto come from greatness, and also even though Naruto had no idea whereby he come from, there were several ideas given transparent the series that do it evident who his father yes, really was.

when Iruka takes Naruto out for ramen, Naruto begins to explain his desires of becoming the Hokage one day. As he’s thinking about this, the photo of Hokage Rock shows up behind his head. The monument has the deals with of all of the Hokage sculpted into it. Together Naruto envisions the monument, the only confront from the mountain that appears above behind him is that of Minato Namikaze, the 4th Hokage.

Third Hokage Stares at Hokage Rock
The third Hokage spoke often of the 4th Hokage and the sacrifice that made to save the village. If talking about the occasions that took location when the Nine-Tails assaulted the village, the 3rd Hokage to be staring up at Hokage Rock, specifically at the image of the 4th Hokage. He revealed that the defeated Nine-Tails to be sealed inside of a baby whose umbilical cord had actually just been cut. Learning that Naruto had actually just been born and also that it to be the 4th Hokage who sealed the Nine-Tails inside of Naruto, it only made feeling that Minato was his father together he to be there at the time of his birth.

The Third Hokage decided the no one would certainly speak around the night the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit attacked the village. Only the shinobi who combated that night knew about the events that transpired and that the Nine-Tails was sealed within of Naruto. Also though Naruto’s peers didn"t understand what had actually happened, the enlarge villagers cure Naruto as if he self was the demon fox spirit.

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Seeing exactly how the identities the Naruto"s parental were purposely kept a an enig from the public, the made feeling to assume his parents held respectable positions of part sort. Together it rotate out, the third Hokage feared that if Naruto was revealed to be the child of the fourth Hokage, it could"ve put a vast target ~ above Naruto"s back.

7 Naruto"s Appearance each other Minato

at any time the image of the fourth Hokage to be shown, viewers might see the he was a high blonde man. There are very couple of children in The Leaf village who room blonde. Not just that, however the 4th Hokage’s hair to be worn in the very same spiky format as Naruto’s. With the secret of Naruto’s parentage looming in the background, it’s simple to connect him to the ghostly yellow haired figure who conserved Konoha. As soon as his photo was shown, fan’s suspicions were confirmed as that looked exactly like Naruto.

that no coincidence that the two men closest to Minato came to be Naruto"s teachers. Minato to be Kakashi’s teacher, while Jiraiya to be Minato"s teacher who had a close connection with him and also his wife Kushina Uzumaki. It’s revealed later that Jiraiya was Naruto"s godfather and also that Naruto was called after a personality in a publication he had actually written. In hindsight, it only makes sense that Minato would be connected back to his kid with Jiraiya and also Kakashi becoming personally responsible for Naruto"s training and also growth.

5 Jiraiya Apologized come Minato for The attention Training he Was around To put Naruto Through

when Jiraiya started training Naruto, he began with summoning jutsu and also encouragedhim come learn how to usage the Nine-Tails chakra. Naruto had a daunting time attempting to summon toads, as he would certainly summon tadpoles instead. Furthermore, he was unable come channel the nine Tails chakra at will. Jiraiya made decision he essential to shot a risky approach to gain Naruto to generate the chakra of the nine Tails. He knocked Naruto unconscious, believing that the "excitement the danger and also emotion" to be the an essential to Naruto illustration out his red chakra. When doing this, Jiraiya apologized to The 4th Hokage through a smile, informing him it to be nothing personal.

Jiraiya used the Rasengan while the end in town with Naruto. Naruto was extremely intrigued by this jutsu, and he observed that it no come from regular hand movements. Jiraiya started his lesson v simplicity, telling Naruto to usage the chakra in his hand to move the water within of a balloon.

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Excited, Naruto described that he would master the method in three days. Jiraiya then described to Naruto the the Rasengan is a ninjutsu passed down by the 4th Hokage and it take it him 3 years to perfect it.

3 Gamabunta Is Reminded the The 4th After Naruto Summons Him

Following through through his idea to force Naruto right into using the Nine-Tails chakra, Jiraiya driven Naruto off of a cliff, telling him he’d need to generate the Nine-Tails chakra or die. As Naruto began falling to his death, he was able to usage the ripe Tails chakra and also summon Gamabunta. Gamabunta was the chief toad and didn’t want to expropriate Naruto as his understand as the was only a child. After spending the day torturing Naruto and trying to gain him to loss off his back, Gamabunta finally admitted that he was mindful that Naruto was the one who summoned the on his own. That then declared that it to be the an initial time because the 4th Hokage that someone has actually climbed on his head.

once Kakashi dubbed Naruto in because that training, the wanted him to construct a distinct jutsu simply for him. He teach him around "change in chakra nature" and "change in chakra form." This would ultimately lead come Naruto producing the Rasenshuriken. If instructing Naruto, he speak him the it’s a an overwhelming ninjutsu come learn and also even the 4th Hokage couldn’t carry out it. He climate tells Naruto he believes he is the just one that surpass the Fourth. It was an noticeable giveaway the Kakashi was aware Naruto and also Minato were father and also son.

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1 He"s continually Being stated When Naruto Is Training

The 4th Hokage is ad to regularly throughout the series, specifically prior come Naruto finding out he’s his father. In practically every scene whereby the fourth Hokage is mentioned, it entails Naruto. In nearly all of Naruto"s cultivate sequences, he’s either compared to the 4th Hokage or provided a lesson about him. Naruto"s an abilities as a shinobi and special approaches are commonly correlated through Minato’s. Despite none of the personalities who make these monitorings explicitly mention that Naruto was Minato’s son, these to be clear indications that spicy to that Naruto"s father important was every along.