Whenever you see your favorite nation artists sporting the very same t-shirt, that is since they are doing it for a cause. The stated shirt features a an easy print in it, however screams a profound statement.

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“This shirt conserves lives.”

Source: musicrow.com

Designed to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s research study Hospital, that is much more than simply a shirt. The shirt has actually saved lives and many nation singers joined in because that this cause.

Such is the case with Darius Rucker who have talked about the importance of the shirts. In one interview, that said:

“It was standing for youngsters who space fighting for their stays every day.”

Alabama’s Randy Owen Unites country Stars because that a an excellent Cause

Behind the lavish and also successful lives of our country stars is a an excellent place in their hearts that countless don’t see. These human being are actually committed to charities prefer St. Jude. And, over there is a good reason why castle do.

Source: cmt.com

About three decades ago, one of the finest and also most iconic figures in nation music started a regimen called country Cares. This present brings artists, radio stations, and also industry leaders together to advanced money for St. Jude’s children Hospital. And, we room talking about Alabama’s command singer Randy Owen.

His initiatives of developing such a charitable act have paid off and his other artists have been really supportive. Together a result, the whole of nation music has specialized an lot of that time to the said cause ever since.

Country care & the Impact

Throughout that thirty years of service, country Cares has raised over $800 million to assist benefit St. Jude and also its patients. The would have actually been difficult for this to take place if that were not for the program’s brainchild, Randy Owen. The is why, St. Jude known him in the most honorable way they can ever do.

In a push conference, Owen learned that together the founder of country Cares, he was being honored by the hospital with a patience room named after him. That said:

“The most important thing I’ll ever before do, personal from being a father and a husband, is helping youngsters at St. Jude. End the past 30 years, i have watched children at St. Jude grow up to be happy, healthy adults. This room dedication mirrors that the nation music industry has made a true impact, and also I’m glad I could be component of that.”

The Performance the Touched Owen’s Heart

In enhancement to leading the event, Randy sang in addition to fellow artist Clint Black, Jake Owen, and also Michael Ray. After the various other artists sang, Randy stepped up and also spoke for a brief moment prior to the following performance.

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Jake Owen, Michael Ray, Randy Owen, and also Clint Black. Source: tasteofcountry.com

In a twisted of time, one details performance left him in tears. That was conquer by emotions the he had to leaving the stage. It taken place when Clint, Jake, and also Michael belted out among Alabama’s hits, “Lady under on Love.”

The amazing performance struck Randy, who might be checked out crying on stage in prior of everyone. Although that tried to wipe away those tears, it was clear the he was not going to be able to make it with with his emotions. He then left the phase at the conclusion the the cover, still with tears in his eyes.

Check out the emotionally performance here: