Riding in the ago of a pickup truck is something that many world do not think twice about. ~ all, this kind of habits is viewed on TV shows, in movies, and in music videos with regularity. However, many people may not know that over there are regulations in Georgia that control this kind of behavior.

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Just due to the fact that riding in the back of a van is fun and convenient, that does not typical it is safe. Speak in the earlier of a pickup truck have the right to lead to major injuries. Here, we desire to comment on what Georgia regulation says about this and look at few of the injuries the can occur as a result of this behavior.


What the law says

It is legal for anyone end the period of 18 to ride in a truck on any kind of roadway in the state, and also those under 18 have the right to ride in truck beds on smaller roads in the state.

What sort of injuries deserve to happen?

Just since the law makes it legal for most civilization in Georgia come ride in the back of trucks together passengers does not average it is safe. This is an very dangerous riding habits that can an outcome in severe injuries or death.

The earlier of trucks space designed because that cargo, not people. There space no safety and security seats and no restraints mounted by van manufacturers. In the event that a crash occurs as soon as there are passengers in the back of a truck, there is no defense from one impact. The is very likely that passengers will certainly be ejected, specifically if a crash wake up at high speeds.

In many cases, there does not have to even be a crash for an injury come occur. Even at low speeds, if a truck goes around sharp curves or needs to swerve to stop an obstacle, van bed occupants have no way to keep themselves from being thrown roughly the van bed or out of the truck bed altogether.

Injuries indigenous these crashes can it is in severe and also often incorporate the following:

Traumatic mind injuriesConcussionsOpen head woundsSevere lacerationsAmputationsInternal body organ damageInternal bleedingBroken and also dislocated bonesWhiplash injuries

Victims who endure these incidents often confront long restore periods. Medical bills from these injuries can be tremendous, reaching right into the 10s or thousands of thousands the dollars. Survivors of truck accidents such as this regularly incur enormous pain and suffering because of their injuries.

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Are there safe alternatives for riding in the earlier of a truck?

There are numerous aftermarket seats marketed that space designed to be installed in the earlier of a pickup. They room equipped v seatbelts and work to enhance the safety and security of those who ride in the back. However, these seats are not federally approved and have gone through no official crash tests. This is not an endorsement of this seats, however rather a warning no to use them. The finest practice because that pickup truck operation is for every passengers to ride within the cab of a truck. If over there is not enough room for every passenger, other arrangements have to be made.