Eddie and the Cruisers is the story that a band and also a man that were striving for greatness but hit a significant pitfall ~ above their method up. As soon as their second album bombed Eddie unexpectedly disappeared as soon as his car went sailing through a security rail to crash end a causeway. No human body is found and to do matters worse the grasp tapes to the second album mysteriously disappear quickly after.  The tape is left to break up and go their very own way. Eventually they get earlier together and also decide that they desire to attain the greatness they were once seeking, however only one person knows whereby the understand tapes to the 2nd album are.

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Being famous seems easy, it’s getting there that’s the problem.

10. The royal residence of Depression was real.

It was developed by a drifter out of trash, sand, and clay. The original structure is an alleged to have been rebuilt due to the fact that it to be torn apart by vandals. Even the ticket booth that was used to fee admission is quiet there.

9. Originally the film was a flop.

Eventually it became a cult standard when it was aired ~ above cable. The i of time has actually kind of enabled people to forget about it again.

8. Tony Mart’s was an actual place.

The building and also the company were very real, but the structure was demolished in the 1980’s. A brand-new building now stands there.

7. The fraternity home is in reality the home of the Haverford college president.

There room no fraternity or sorority houses at Haverford university so they had actually to improvise a bit.

6. The duty of Eddie nearly went to someone else.

The person that want the role, rick Springfield, wasn’t believed to have the best look or the ability of play Eddie Wilson.

5. The radio station used wasn’t realistic in the range.

There to be no method that the radio station offered to play Eddie’s music would have actually been able come be choose up in new Jersey once it to be being transfer in brand-new York.

4. The high school provided was in reality a school for the mentally challenged.

One the the characters states the they became a teacher in ~ Vineland high school. The structure used is a college for the holy spirit challenged and also existed therefore for a while.

3. Genuine high college students were provided in the film.

A most the really high institution students were offered as extras in the movie and also the high institution was offered for number of shots together well.

2. Wendell Newton never says a word.

It was just one that those cases in which the didn’t need to say anything, he just had to it is in there. Those moments room sometimes much more meaningful there is no a bunch the dialogue.

1. The tape is dubbed. 

Eddie and the Cruisers didn’t actually play the songs, they were played by john Cafferty and also the Beaver Brown Band. It to be made to look pretty reality though, because the tape looked favor they knew what they to be doing.

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The film didn’t yes, really take off till it fight cable and then human being loved it.