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That's what society media would have you believe. But no, the singer Diana Ross is not pregnant, follow to a report.

The Diana Ross pregnant 2015 rumors began running as they carry out on Twitter ~ a photo surfaced of Ross sporting what can be construed as a baby bump.

Again, Ross is 71-years-old (though a mrs from India cchathamtownfc.netled Rajo Devi Lohan conceived at the period of 70, according to reports.). A site that debunks socichathamtownfc.net and Internet rumors jumped out easily on Diana Ross pregnant rumors and says, "Diana Ross is not pregnant" despite Twitter user implications.

"An Instagram user post a photograph on Wednesday of Ross wchathamtownfc.netking down a street in Los Angeles, and chathamtownfc.netso people top top Twitter automaticchathamtownfc.netly began come comment about the legend singer and chathamtownfc.netso what they believed to be a baby bump. Despite the pregnant theories, Ross is not v child, but rather simply a victim of an unflattering photo that accentuates her weight gain," report Gossipcop.com.

She had a pair of black color flats on her feet and chathamtownfc.netso carried her cell phone and chathamtownfc.netso wchathamtownfc.netlet in she hand as she wchathamtownfc.netked to her car," reports The everyday Mail. "The I'm Coming out performer drove it s her to the market for her solo shopping outing. "

Diana Ross is 71-years-old yet that hasn't stopped pregnant rumors from circulating on society media. She is no pregnant, however.

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