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Thank you for your message and also we apologize the you were not completely satisfied. Regrettably you hung increase the phone prior to we were able to properly resolve your inquiry. Us did get the package at our offices the following day after her call and a full refund to be given, as is our refund policy. As with most businesses we should receive the return before we can procedure your return. Thankyou for your patience!
Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues
Status: Answered

Would like to prevent my subscription everytime I shot to with someone I’m obtaining hung up on or no answered!!

Thank you so lot for her message and also sorry because that the confusion. Ours phone device experienced an outage for less than a fifty percent hour and you must have called in the period. I wish you would certainly have given us another call, or emailed our support so we can easily assist you v this. Either way, i am glad us were maybe to obtain ahold that you and also that you space were able come reach her goal weight, congrats! thank you for confirming we have actually resolved her request, and also thank friend for her business! As constantly we are open up 24/7 to assist you!
Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues
Status: Answered

I ordered CB-1 weight acquire was said I might cancel anytime, cancel after first one, have actually been charged 4 times, after noticing constantly gift charged, ns contacted them asking why. To be told the only call they received from me was to readjust my zip code!!!!! REALLY???? Why would certainly I ask because that my zip password change, ns spoke to a lady that had very AWFUL CUSTOMER organization & ACTED favor SHE DIDN"T desire TO be BOTHERED. Told ME my SUBSCRIPTION was CANCELLED. Contact a 2nd time, told my subscription to be cancelled. Currently today i received one more box and also charged again. I am charged 56.97 × 3 = 170.91. Ns would favor to be refunded

Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues
Status: Resolved

I recently received mine order. Upon receiving my order, ns was billed and also sent an additional package without consent. I referred to as customer service. Ns was informed that i signed up because that a subscription and discount. I mentioned that I never signed up for monthly subscriptions and also would choose to release the subscription and also receive mine refund indigenous the added order. Ns was then educated that they have the right to only push back the shipments.
Complaint Type: Delivery Issues
Status: Answered

I didn’t get my bespeak I speak to several time they keep giving me the runaround they store telling me examine the letter I inspect it’s no there at this suggest I simply want my money ago please

To whom It may Concern,

Here in ~ CB-1 load Gainer we worth our customers. Say thanks to you for offering us the chance to testimonial this customer’s account and see just how we have the right to help.

This customer referred to as our Customer treatment line ~ above Monday, July 1, 2019 to ar an order because that our Weight gain Shake. Customer also paid secondary $6.99 for Rush handling to guarantee their package would leave ours facility with USPS first Class mail the day.

On Wednesday, July 3, 2019 the customer dubbed into our Customer treatment line and also inquired why lock hadn’t received their order. We re-explained Rush processing as a organization we administer to make certain the package leaves our facility that day – and her package to be en route.

She dubbed again ~ above Friday July 5, 2019 and asked the condition of her package. We reviewed the standing through usps.gov to view her package was the end for distribution on the 5th of July.

Later the evening the customer dubbed again and also expressed she walk not receive her package. She proved her resolve as the resolve we had actually on file. We described the standard actions to receiving she package and that was to inspect with the USPS an initial thing in the morning due to the fact that they to be reporting she package as delivered. We also escalated her call to have a supervisor contact her back within 24 hours.

Before we could call her back the customer referred to as in Saturday morning, July 6, 2019. She defined she never ever received her order. The USPS reported she package as being ceded to a “parcel locker”. Over there was some confusion top top the speak to with the client not understanding she had a package locker to examine and additionally saying she checked it. The customer was frustrated and escalated however we still want to help.

For far better clarification and to better assist the customer, us re-sent the customer’s tracking email to the email resolve on document so she could examine with she local article office and her building’s thoreau locker.

Customer called again Saturday, July 6, 2019 come report that nothing remained in her thoreau box and also wanted a call ago from our supervisor on duty regarding her lacking package.

On Saturday, July 6, 2019, our supervisor top top duty referred to as the customer earlier and left a voice mail concerning the options for the lacking order.

Customer called into our facility on Monday, July 8, 2019 come discuss, again, the she had not got her order. The agent went through all the notes on paper (as videotaped above) and also to assist the customer us re-shipped the end a second shipment, come the exact same verified deal with on file. The customer said she would track the order herself so there would be no mix up.

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We likewise refunded the customer’s Rush handling fee of $6.99 as a token of our appreciation for your patience and their business. The 2nd shipment of our Weight obtain Shake shoes ceded to “parcel locker” as the first one.

We desire to give thanks to this customer for their time and also business and offer a sincerely apologize for any kind of misunderstanding.We work difficult to be transparent and also share all information with our customers on our products, our services and best techniques in doing business.