Even numbers space those numbers that deserve to be split into 2 equal teams or pairs and also are specifically divisible by 2. For example, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and so on. Mean you have 10 candies. This candies deserve to be equally divided into two teams with 5 candies in each group. Hence, 10 is an even number. However, this grouping cannot be done for 11 candies, therefore 11 is not an also number. In this page, we will explore more interesting means to understand even numbers, your properties, and interesting facts around them.

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1.What Are also Numbers?
2.Odd and also Even Numbers
3.Properties of even Numbers
4.FAQs on also Numbers

An also number is a number that is a multiple of 2. Suppose John has 6 balls. If the tries to team them, he deserve to pair every 6 balls and type 3 pairs. There room no balls that are left unpaired. Therefore, he have the right to conclude the 6 is an even number. Now, let’s divide 6 through 2. We acquire the quotient as 3, which is same to the variety of pairs that space formed. We gain the remainder together 0, i beg your pardon is equal to the number of balls the cannot it is in paired. Whenever man tries come pair an even number of balls, he will be left v NO ball. In various other words, anytime an even number is divided by 2, us will constantly get the remainder as 0.&

Let's go v a perform of every the also numbers from one to 2 hundred. Watch the numbers given below. Have the right to you discover a pattern or a connection between all the also numbers from one to two hundred?

List of also Numbers (1-200)


Let's perform enhancement on various combinations of weird numbers and even numbers and see the results. We will see how numbers adjust from strange to even when odd and even number are included to each other. Store a keep in mind of the outcomes that girlfriend get.

Number 1Number 2Sum
4 8 12
7 3 10
1 6 7
2 9 11

Let's summarize the result:


Let's have actually a look in ~ the various properties the numbers prefer addition, multiplication, and also subtraction and the method an even number behaves in such cases:

Property of enhancement of also Numbers

The amount of two even numbers is an also number. For example, 14 + 8 = 22The sum of an also number and also an odd number is an odd number. For example, 8+9=17The sum of two odd number is an also number. Because that example, 13+7=20

Property of individually of even Numbers

The difference in between two also numbers is an also number. For example, 42-8=34The difference in between an even number and an weird number is an odd number. For example, 22-7=15The difference in between two odd numbers is an also number. For example, 35-15=20

Property that Multiplication of also Numbers

The product of two also numbers is an also number. For example, 12 × 4 = 48The product the an also number and also an weird number is an also number. Because that example, 8 × 5 = 40

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Example 1: Mark has 30 pencils. He spread 14 that those among his friends. Will certainly he have an even number of pencils left? exactly how do friend know?


Mark spread 14 pencils the end of 30 pencils, therefore he had 16 left through him because 30 - 14 = 16. Since 16 is a many of 2, thus, it is an also number. Therefore, the will have an even variety of pencils left, that is 16.

Example 2: Tim recycle 45 newspapers and his friend recycled 38 newspapers. Is the total variety of recycled papers an also number?


Add the variety of newspapers recycle by Tim and also his friend. 45 + 38 = 83. Tim and also his friend recycled 83 newspapers in all. Due to the fact that 83 is not divisible by 2, it is not an also number. Therefore, the total variety of newspapers i m sorry is 83, is no an even number.

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