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Cry Cry Cry
Never scream Never
I hate You as soon as You…
Cry of Love
Boys Don"t Cry
Cry before Dawn
Heaven"s Cry
Hue & Cry
South Cry

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I am because that realNever meant to make your daughter cryI apologize a sunshine timesI"m sorry Ms. Jackson (oh), ns am for realNever meant come make

you have the right to go on and also get the hell onYou and your mamaI"m sorry Ms. Jackson (oh), i am for realNever meant to make your daughter cryI to apologize

I am for realNever meant to make your daughter cryI apples a trillion timesI"m sorry Ms. Jackson (oh), ns am for realNever meant come make

I am because that realNever meant to make her daughter cryI apples a sunshine timesI"m sorry Ms. Jackson (oh), i am because that realNever meant come make

on and also get the hell onYou and also your mamaI"m sorry Ms. Jackson (oh), i am for realNever meant come make her daughter cryI to apologize a sunshine times

were meant come beWhat can I execute to deal with itI"ll give you what you needI never saw united state endingAnd i loved you indigenous the startPlease allow me know before you

leave.GUARD #1: The Prince?FATHER: Yes, make certain "e doesn"t leave.GUARD #1: Oh, yes, of course. I thought you meant him. Y"know,it appeared a bit

ridiculous nowI"m i m really sorry momma!I never meant to hurt you!I never meant come make you cry, however tonightI"m cleaning the end my closet (one much more time)I said

ridiculous nowI"m sorry momma!I never meant to hurt you!I never meant to make you cry, yet tonightI"m cleaning the end my closet (one an ext time)I stated

I"m i m really sorry mama, ns Never meant come hurt youI Never meant come make you cryBut tonight, I"m cleanin" the end my closetOne more timeI said, "I"m i m really sorry mama,

I would choose to say that INever meant to make you cryI think about you every dayNo matter what your friends can sayEverybody to know my surname

small, do I remind youUh, ns never took shit because that grantedI always meant ma words, all the sweet stuffs ns told youNsɛ ebu me bɛlɛ, m"agyimi, sankwasYou

meant to hurt youNo i never meant come make you cryAnd ns wish I might erase the heartacheAnd turn earlier the hand of timeAnd I"m sorry that you

never meant because that the teen I gave youAll of the headaches I gave youI never meant it (No)I never meant itI never meant come make you go and also cry girl

you hanging off of herI never meant to make you mineWell I"ve heard you"re talking in your sleepI never meant come make you cryI never meant to be

You"re all (lie together, cry together)I require (I swear to God i hope us fuckin" die together)To gain by You"re every (lie together, cry together)

You"re all (lie together, cry together)I need (I swear to God i hope us fuckin" die together)To obtain by You"re every (lie together, cry together)

father taught you come go tough or go house Never sing that sad tune Don"t cry (Don"t cry, don"t cry, don"t cry, don"t cry, don"t cry, don"t) (Don"t

I"m living with a damaged heartI never meant to execute you harmDon"t ever before wanna view you cry, againAnd everybody damages sometimesI never meant to perform

manIt"s time that i apologizeFor every the times ns told you liesI never meant to make you cryI don"t desire you to say goodbyeSo baby take me by

to make you cryNever meant the to it is in so crazy, never meant for you to love me, i was just passing bySorry that i took the from you, sorry that our mind

that ns never ever meant come make you cryYou continued to be by my side, love released, you to be breaking chains by mine sideI had actually a sunshine in the rain by my side

Every time the you were by my sideAnd every time the I stated I to be fineI liedAnd every those time that i told those liesI never meant come hurt you

you, no, never meant come make you cryI"m therefore sorry, honey, for what I"m becomingCaught me walkin" through the walls, tho there"s nothing I discover
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