Be inspired by this diverse variety of well-known songs for liturgies and also celebrations native Carey Landry.

This etc accompaniment attributes chords and also vocal parts for the music album By Name ns Have dubbed You by Carey Landry and also Carol Jean Kinghorn.

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This 12-song CD from Carey Landry and also Carol Jean Kinghorn features a diverse range of renowned songs with themes of hope and also the stamin of faith.

This guitar accompaniment functions chords and also vocal components for the music album By Name ns Have called You through Carey Landry and Carol Jean Kinghorn.

This 12-song CD from Carey Landry and also Carol Jean Kinghorn functions a diverse range of famous songs through themes of hope and also the toughness of faith.

“By name i have dubbed you, through name i will save you, by surname you room mine, you are priceless to me.”

These well-known and widely provided songs of catalyst express the layout of hope and also the strength of faith. Appropriate for use throughout RCIA, weddings, anniversaries and the funeral liturgy, the 12 songs on this repertoire are varied and also will enrich liturgies transparent the year.

“Bring Me a Rose” is extremely symbolic, loan itself fine to numerous sensitive and reflective moments. Speaking of both love and pain, it touch on the dimension of battle that is so much a component of life. Though it to be written especially for the divine Thursday mass of the Lord’s Supper, “In storage of Jesus” is likewise appropriate for use throughout the year. This Communion chant is quite versatile in that it have the right to be excellent brightly and also energetically ~ above festive occasions or more gently when the mood is reflective.

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