If your husband said he to be a sissy and like to dress in women's clothing, just how would you respond.

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mine husband is a sissy and I love him, granted the a small weird because that me, yet I shot not to show it to him. I still love him and we make it work for both of us. Us talk around it commonly to understand both political parties of the matter.


If mine husband 'said he was a sissy and also like(d) to dress in women's clothing'I would certainly tell the to cut the me depreciation, stop with the 'sissy' mentality.As long as he remained in love with me, I remained in love v him, and also we were just two good lovers ...I don't see exactly how I could initially rest up through him just due to the fact that of that fact.I'm not going to lie and also say it wouldn't be an initial revolve off, due to the fact that I would certainly associate skirts or dresses through femininity. And also I prefer masculinity...(not part macho guy but just...a guy)I would definitely try to stick it out and not dump a perfectly an excellent man because of clothing tastes.

Well, as long as he's straight and won't dress like a mrs in windy or in former of me and he doesn't wear mine clothes, ns think I'd it is in okay. I'd it is in pretty pissed the he didn't call me that before getting married, but everyone has weird interests. I'd simply prefer that he'd keep them to himself.

ns would support him in any and all the method possible and also I would assist him in it is in a actual looking sissy girl. I would show him how to put on comprise how come dress just how to repaint him fingers and also toes nails and do his hair and how come walk in high heels. Ns would even like to walk to the clubs v him as soon as his dress up as my girlfriend
Well, I'd be placed off and also would feeling a tiny awkward. Ns don't think I'd it is in okay through my husband dressing up prefer a woman. If that's who he truly wants to be climate I could think about separation rather than causing him to be unhappy being someone he didn't desire to be.
I'd dress him up like a complete girl and take him the end to a lounge just to view how plenty of guys would hit on that
that is mine husband. Ns can't throw him like a rubbish. Ns would shot to understand what is the reason behind it and I would talk come him.
It's one thing to say he likes to cross dress, it's an additional to call himself a sissy.If the is insulting and judging himself, just how does the not intend me to perform so either?
sO friend you desire to dress in women's clothing,Well then you should be the HOUSEWIFE...Full time...
I'd asking him exactly how he wanted me to respond, take a many time to think around it, shot to check out his perspective, etc.That said, if that happened to me personally, I'd be an extremely weirded out and question our marriage.
i would love because that my girl friend to take me shopping for part female clothes and a chastity an equipment and additionally when i wasn't looking buy a strapon the was realistic looking and use it on me and also make me prefer c***
You'd make a sissy boy really happy!😊. Ns just had actually a b-day and also my wife's gift to me, to be a corset, stockings, garter belt and a pair of frilly sissy panties, all in red. Perfect bday outfit😛

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