Vietnamese is a hard language for English speakers. The writing looks familiar, however what room those letters? and also why space there lines and dots and curves all about the words? nothing worry, we’re right here to help. These room the vital phrases you’ll require in Vietnam.

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Vietnamese has actually seemingly endless pronouns, all based on age, status and how long you’ve well-known the listener. But you yes, really don’t need to find out them all unless you’re to plan on staying below for a while. To keep it simple, usage this expression to to speak ‘hello’. It’s great for everyone.


Vietnamese human being don’t say ‘thank you’ as much as foreigners, so nothing be surprised if you don’t gain a response most of the time. If somebody states it come you, reply with ‘không có gì’ (comb caw zee).

There space a few different ways to say ‘yes’ in Vietnamese, but a basic ‘yah’ is great enough for foreigners. ‘No’ is the very same everywhere, yet the ‘k’ is quiet in the South. The sounds more like ‘how’ v an ‘m’ at the end.

Use this come apologise once you bump right into someone, or as soon as you need to gain by someone. No need to say it to everyone if the area is crowded, though, since there’s no such point as personal space in Vietnam. To obtain the attention of a server in a restaurant, shout the end ‘Em ơi!’ (Em oy!) No have to be shy. It’s common to scream for her server in Vietnam.

Fairly self-explanatory, but include a shrug just in case. One usual gesture you’ll view a lot is someone twisting their hand in the wait – practically like they’re changing a irradiate bulb. This method they either can’t help you, or lock can’t know you. And also if someone doesn’t know you, don’t suppose them to hang about waiting for you to repeat the a bunch that times. They’ll usually obtain out the there easily to avoid losing face.


Try this phrase in large cities and little villages but in most of the touristy areas, a simple “toilet?” will certainly do.

If she paying fist to the course on your map, which isn’t a bad idea with all the overcharging taxi drivers in this country, use these phrases to gain your ride ago on track. In the south, change the “ray-uh” through “way-o,” as in “way-o try” because that a left turn.


If you desire to make this even easier for your driver, replace the expression for “stop” v a an easy “okay”.

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Being fear for your life is business-as-usual on Vietnamese roads. Her driver will most likely overlook you, however it’s worth a try.