So I obtain questions all the time from beginners that say they feel overwhelmed and also don’t know where come start. I wanted to create a guide that would walk you with the necessary settings to have a much more enjoyable shooting experience with the Nikon D3200.

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Whether friend just gained the camera or if you’ve had it because that a while, ns bet you’ll discover these tips super helpful. Expect you enjoy them!

Tip #1 – Formatting vs Deleting her Images

Find out when and how to layout or delete pictures on your memory card.

Tip #2 – Lengthen Auto turn off Timers

Whether you’re reviewing images or do the efforts to situate a certain setting, lengthening the auto off timers on her Nikon D3200 will give you more time to connect with your camera.

Tip #3 – enhancing Monitor Brightness

If you’re having actually trouble seeing the LCD screen outdoors in broad daylight, increasing the monitor brightness can help quite a bit.

Tip #4 – picture Quality Settings

Choosing the right image quality settings counts on your end goals. If you’d fairly share/print right from your camera, climate JPEG is the way to go. If you’d like to additional post-process (edit) her images, the raw is the better choice. Because that the finest of both worlds, friend can collection up the Nikon D3200 to shoot in both JPEG and also RAW at the very same time. In this video, I’ll present you how.

Tip #5 – making use of Scene modes to quickly Setup your Camera

You have the right to use scene modes to call the Nikon D3200 specifically what you’re looking at. In doing therefore the camera will certainly automatically change in-camera setups specifically because that that certain scene, offering you much much better results than shooting in Auto mode.

My custom Settings

If you’re interested in obtaining out of Auto or preset step Modes and also would like to experiment with Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and also Manual mode, then examine out mine cheat cards.


My cheat cards will present you the precise settings I use for a variety of various shooting scenarios. Want to know how to catch portraits through blurred backgrounds? Or maybe you desire to photo wildlife and also want to ensure you gain tack sharp focus? In addition to the settings, I’ll additionally walk you with the setup for each shot and also throw in some tips to assist you get much better results v your Nikon D3200. Examine them out!

Tip #6 – how to obtain Pinpoint specific Focus

By default the Nikon D3200 choose the emphasis points automatically. This works generally well, however sometimes it stops working to emphasis on her intended subject. Even if it is you want to focus on your subjects eyes or possibly a bird perched ~ above a tree limb, I’ll present you exactly how to get more accurate focus with Single-point AF.

Tip #7 – as soon as to permit or Disable VR (Vibration Reduction)

You could think utilizing VR or vibration palliation all the moment is a great thing, however, when an installed to a tripod it have the right to actually blur her image. Discover out as soon as to enable or disable VR in this video.

Tip #8 – utilizing the me Timer to gain Sharper Images

Most world assume the self-timer is only good for acquisition photos the themselves, whether alone or in a group. However, it deserve to actually be provided to gain sharper images. I’ll discuss when to use the self-timer and also how come customize the size of the countdown.

Tip #9 – change the picture Playback Display

When you’re just beginning out, it have the right to be super beneficial to see the setups that were used for a specific shot. Speak you were shooting in Auto mode and also you captured a beautiful portrait. By changing the playback display on the Nikon D3200, you deserve to see the precise settings the were provided so you deserve to replicate castle in among the more advanced shooting modes, choose Manual.

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Tip #10 – Zoom In to check Image Sharpness

Have you ever played ago an image which looked good on your LCD screen, just to find the subject was a little out the focus? In this video clip I’ll present you exactly how to zoom in to examine focus and also make certain your subject is tack sharp.

I expect you appreciated the obtaining started guide. I’m working on much more video tutorials the take a depths dive right into shooting Portraits, Sports/Action and Landscapes, through image instances and likewise a very first person point of view using a GoPro. So remain tuned! :)