exactly how does one attain the mystery weapons that can be unlock in the first 3 mega-man X on the SNES?

For instance:

The Hadouken (MMX)The Shoryuken (MMX2)Zero"s sword (MMX3)


I discovered an post here the will go into details with just how to accomplish The Hadouken and the Shoryuken.

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The Hadouken (波動拳 "Surge Fist") is a secret move Capcom included in Mega guy X and also Maverick Hunter X. That is based on the Hadouken strike from the Street Fighter series, and is enforcement in the same way. In fact, in part versions of the game, X shouts the surname of the attack, as with the Street Fighter series. When X"s health and wellness gauge is full and also he is ~ above the ground, entry the combination: ↓↘→+ATTACK. X should unleash a powerful energy ball. It is the most powerful attack from the game, bring about 32 damage, gift able to damage most bosses and also enemies in a single hit, v the exception of Mole Borer, Anglerge, Cruiziler, Utuboros, Thunder Slimer, RT-55J and Wolf Sigma. As the health and wellness of those opponents is over 32, they are killed with 2 hits, except for the Utuboros that takes 3 hits, and also the wolf Sigma that is immune to it. <...>

To achieve the Hadouken, attain every sub Tank, Life Up and also Armor Parts. Play through Armored Armadillo"s stage until the critical rolling platform. As the communication bursts out of the tunnel and through the sky, dash-jump off of the platform and also ascend the wall right on peak of the door to Armored Armadillo. There should be a Life energy pellet. Depending upon what console the game is played on, instructions will certainly differ from this point:

<...> collect the Life energy item and restart the level (people generally jump right into the large bottomless pit come restart in ~ the halfway point rather than the beginning), and repeat till Dr. Light"s capsule shows up next to the pellet.


Shoryuken (昇龍拳 Shouryuuken, "Rising Dragon Fist") is the an approach learned in Mega male X2. Favor the Hadouken, it is based upon a Street Fighter attack, the Shoryuken. The is executed v →↓↘+ATTACK if X is at full health and on the ground. X will certainly surround his arm with fire and perform a powerful uppercut, bring about massive damages to that targets. While the is believed to death all bosses in one hit, it does not. If the edge of the boss is grazed, that takes heavy damage, but does not kill it entirely. It is not saved in passwords.

In bespeak to get the Shoryuken capsule, X need to own every various other item in the game. The Shoryuken capsule deserve to be discovered in Agile"s station of the X-Hunters" fortress. ~ navigating the vertical passage through the jet platforms, allow the Bat Bones follow him. Shoot one with the decision Hunter to with the ladder. Ascend it to reach a spike-riddled challenge. It is composed of a large sea of spikes, a for sure area, and a < shaped passage of spikes. To happen the first part, permit another Bat Bone to follow X. When X runs into it, usage his invincibility to quickly cross the sea the spikes. The second part is more difficult: Either usage an air-dash for one part of it and a charged-up rate Burner because that the other, or enable another bat to follow X and air-dash to overcome the second part. Afterwards, have actually X slide under the left wall. X will certainly drop into a corridor with the Shoryuken capsule inside, after obtaining an amusing blog post from Dr. Light: "Wow! You"re for this reason cool! I"m no worthy! I"m no worthy!."

In Mega guy X2 the Shoryuken can also be got to from the lower path by utilizing the decision Hunter in the adjacent Pararoid R-5.

This article additionally covers other mystery items in the Mega man X games that space obtainable through the light capsule.

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As for the Z-Saber (Zero"s sword):

Ultimate Armor, Z saber can be fried Armor: acquire to Doppler stage 1 withall heart tanks, below tanks, robots, and upgrades (NO CHIPS). ~ youdestroy the dinosaur robot ~ above half-stage, proceed to the location wherethe first spiked balls fall. Wall-slide the left wall surface and you"ll reacha an enig passage. You need to have complete health. The capsule you find willgive you the effect of all 4 chips and color her armor gold! Ifyou stop the video game it doesn"t save the yellow armor.

Zero"s Z saber You require to obtain to Doppler stage 2 with zero lively andVile killed with spinning blades when you battled him in ~ his factory.The level must be different then usual. When you gain to close to thedoor that the pest is in (above the water zone) switch to zero and lethim pass the door and destroy the bug. When you destroy it, the willcrush zero and there will be a cut scene mirroring that zero needsrepairs. Offer X THE Z SABER. Your 5th charge will now be eco-friendly andafter the cross fee you can shoot a lengthy rang z saber strike thatdestroys every boss in 2 hits! (This one have the right to be saved.)