ok i aint no rocketscientist.... But i dunno how i locked my tricks in my auto lastnight?? alls good cuz these cars room extremly straightforward to "break" into.. Took me every one of 1 minute come do. The only reason i am posting is come let you all kno just how easy the was, and also just because keys are only to keep the moral - honest. So not leave your electronics/valuables out for rather to see. Ns live out in the sticks v no problems on world stealing my stereo (they can get a couple of dog bites and a shotgun if they try...) however for all you city/populated world plz carry out your me a favor and hide all your stuff

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__________________if it moves and not an alleged to... Duct tape!!!if it not move and also is an alleged to... WD-40!!!~* the difficulty with america is warning labels.... Take it them off of every thing and also eventually the stupid human being will die off... *~

27 Mar 2012, 07:41 am

Re: locked tricks in car...
Good point skinner. Would you mind offering us an idea on how you "broke in"? Me, I lug what"s dubbed "jiggle keys", lock are crucial blanks made for accessing most models the vehicles. Bring away me around 30 seconds to unlock my door v them.These space the "jig keys" from mine locksmithing course:

take a pair that pliers with the plastic coated handle ( so girlfriend dont scratch your paint) unbolt her antenna through them. Pole the manage of the pliers inbetween the optimal of the door and the roof. Pry the end lightly. Take the height of the door through your hands and also pull out a lil more so you have the right to slide the antenna ( or straightened coat hanger) into the car. Reach right into the car and press the unlock switch with the antenna. ( the cruved door handle actually will overview the antenna best to the unlock button if you can get it in there.)took me every one of 1 minute and i to be in. That kinda scary to think about it wen you realize just exactly how easy that is. ( ns am informing this to all of you in an excellent faith. Plz dont take it what i tell you and use the in stimulate to rest in to vehicles for criminal reasons)this method works on various other vehicles together well

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__________________if the moves and also not supposed to... Duct tape!!!if it dont move and also is supposed to... WD-40!!!~* the trouble with america is warning labels.... Take it them off of every thing and eventually the stupid people will die off... *~