Tumblr is a great platform come share blog posts and also photos. The communication is slightly different from various other social media platforms favor Facebook and also Instagram. But like all the society media platforms, the platform has a most spam and also fake accounts. Luckily, you have actually the choice to block someone/anyone ~ above Tumblr. Girlfriend can easily get rid the the accounts you that don’t desire to see. The this article, we describe all the feasible ways to block and also unblock someone from her Tumblr account.

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Different means to Block someone on Tumblr

Using the Smartphone appUsing WebsiteIn MessagesUsing Password protected blogs

How to Block someone on Tumblr making use of the smartphone app?

In the Tumblr app, friend can easily block people. For both Android and also iOS smartphones, the procedure is the same.

(2) select the profile the you desire to block in the Newsfeed.

(3) top top the file page, click the Profile symbol on the height right the the screen.

(4) A pop-up will show up on the screen. Tap top top the Block option.

(5) A confirmation pop-up will certainly appear. Select Block to confirm your choice.


How to Block someone on Tumblr utilizing the website?

Using the Tumblr website, you deserve to block someone in 2 ways. One is by using the new feed screen and also the other one is by adding the username to the blocklist.

Method 1:

(1) Open any of the internet browsers and go come Tumblr website www.tumblr.com

(2) log in with your Tumblr credential if asked.

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How to Unblock people on Tumblr using the website?

(1) On your PC, open any type of web browser and go to her Tumblr profile.