I"ve been making use of my PS3 controller as a gamepad quite a little bit recently. I"m utilizing MotioninJoy"s DS3 tool, through the controller associated with a USB cable to the desktop. Everything is functioning great, other than that each time ns close my computer system or disconnect the controller the "panics" and turns on mine PS3, in ~ which point I have to go and close it.

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Is over there any way to properly close the controller prior to closing my computer so the it doesn"t do that, or possibly make the forget about the PS3 so the it doesn"t revolve it on once it starts panicking?



I managed to uncover something that works for me, and also it appears that the price was best under my nose. The DS3 tool"s main window has a "disconnect" button, as have the right to be seen here on the reduced left:


As long as ns make certain to push it before shutting under my computer, the controller remains dormant and doesn"t bother my PS3.


If you reset the PS3 controller then it need to no longer be synced with your PS3, and won"t reason your PS3 to turn on.


You can use a paperclip or similar object to gently press the reset button.



You"d need to do a wireless sync via Bluetooth with your computer system to be able to turn off the controller easily. However then you"d have to resync her controller through the playstation once you want to use it ~ above ps3 again. Best to have actually a least two controllers, so you wouldn"t need to switch them over as often. Only when playing co-op.

But for the you require a Bluetooth dongle and proper drivers.

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