Demon Slayer: 15 things You didn’t Know around Nezuko Kamado Nezuko Kamado is a key character in the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Right here are a few facts about her and also her struggle to stay human.

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has end up being quite the favorite amongst anime fans through their vast world and characters. Nezuko Kamado has actually turned right into one of the many well-known and popular characters in the series. Being a sole survivor of demons through his brother Tanjiro, she herself is in a continuous struggle with becoming a demon and also retaining she humanity.

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It’s one of the reasons why Nezuko has been crucial character in the show. Let’s take a look at what provides Nezuko so distinct in Demon Slayer.

Updated October 6th, 2021 by Bailey Jo Josie: After the substantial success the season one of Demon Slayer and also the anime"s first movie, Mugen Train, anime pan can"t get sufficient of the wildly well-known series, especially in anticipation of season two. Nezuko is a major character in the series and her mankind is what cd driver the narrative so there"s quiet so lot to uncover around Nezuko Kamado.

After transforming into a demon, Nezuko still contains her human being consciousness when in she demonic state. Other demons the she and also Tanjiro have encountered noticed that Nezuko is various from their kind. Rather of relying on person blood come survive, she uses sleep come revitalize her energy. The powers that she has displayed go indigenous superhuman strength to size manipulation.

When she fights, she has actually incredible strength and also adapts come anything bordering her. She proceeds to grow after every battle, especially with her Exploding Blood Demon Art. Her distinct abilities and also innocence have progressively made her right into one that the most an effective demons in the series.

Nezuko adores Hashira Mitsuri
In the manga, Nezuko it s okay to recognize the Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji and also looks as much as her like an older sister, which renders their relationship interesting since Nezuko normally sees female human beings as one of two people a surrogate mother or a young sister.

There are numerous panels that show Nezuko in one almost-chibi form as she dram with and is tickled through the older female Hashira. Over there is also a sketch in the manga whereby Tanjiro is styling Nezuko"s hair come look like Misturi"s signature special braids.

in ~ the start of the series, Nezuko’s eyes were red and also normal because that a human. As soon as she was turned right into a demon after her family’s attack, she eyes readjusted into pink. Usually, we would certainly think the the other way around, yet her pink eyes simply show her demonic nature. We also notice that she kimono is pink, equivalent her eyes.

There may not it is in a connection there, yet it’s worth noting that her eyes match the clothing, which reflects her innocence underneath her demon state. It additionally reminds united state that Nezuko’s person side is still in over there beneath the monster she has become.

12 Nezuko’s human being Traits are Still Intact

Before ending up being a demon, Nezuko was a an extremely compassionate and sympathetic girl. Just like her brother Tanjiro, she would put others prior to herself come look after she family. After her transformation, she practically forgot all her memories as a human however she kept the ones including her family.

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She still kept her protective and also caring traits in her demon form. Nezuko has actually been shielding those whom she considers her family, resulting in her to join the fight through her brother against all demons to avenge the ones they love. For this reason not whatever was lost after Nezuko was turned right into a monster.

while it"s Nezuko"s unrivaled indomitable will and the hypnosis that has her see all humans as her family that keeps her from devouring humans, the bamboo muzzle she wears is quiet a necessity.

Not only does the muzzle keep Nezuko from biting everyone (including herself) it also keeps she mouth closeup of the door at all times, which method that she won"t ever before get the possibility to taste human blood, also by accident. It"s a an excellent thing the Nezuko only needs to sleep for sustenance and doesn"t require food.

10 she Family link To Fire

Nezuko’s family works in the charcoal business, an interpretation that they work-related using fire a lot. The fire has end up being a major element for Nezuko transparent the collection as she abilities proceed to grow. Her Demon Blood art is fire-based whereby her blood turns into fire instantly external her body. The Exploding Blood turns right into pink flames whenever Nezuko uses it.

Fire is considered lucky among families that work with the element, therefore it’s no wonder Nezuko has been able to use her fire abilities v ease versus other demons. It seems that the usage of fire simply runs in the family.

We know that it was demons that attacked the Kamado family, yet the one responsible for the strikes wasn’t revealed until a pair of episodes right into the series. We uncover out the the demon accountable for the assaults is none other than Muzan Kibutsuji, a thousand-year-old demon who additionally is the creator of all the demons that exist in the people of Demon Slayer.

He is additionally the one that turned Nezuko right into a demon together well. Us don’t know much around his background, but all we know is that he is the an initial of his kind and can turn anyone into a demon as with a virus. Even though he turned Nezuko, the seems favor she’s not prefer others he has turned.

8 Nezuko"s Normal dimension Is really Petite

one of Nezuko"s significant demon strength is being able to adjust her size. From cultivation in strength and also size once fighting in fight to getting down come travel dimension so she can fit comfortably inside the box her brother carries, Nezuko"s abilities make her either intimidating and also a difficulty to hit or cute and adorable enough to squeeze.

Nezuko"s normal, default height is ideal at 5 feet, or 153 centimeters. This renders her smaller than many of the other Demon Slayer characters in the series.

The Kamado family members lives in the snowy hills at the start of the series. The name Nezuko has actually a deeper definition and a strong connection to wherein her family is from. In Japanese, the partial translate into of her name is in reality a flower simply recognized as the snowball flower. Those flowers deserve to be found in the winter, i m sorry is the season we largely see throughout the series.

So her name is pretty lot related come the snowy mountains where the Kamado household lives. Flower-based names are typical in Japan, yet it’s perfect because that this show to display screen where Nezuko come from.

6 Nezuko’s Demon Art deserve to Enhance A Sword

Nezuko’s Demon Art enables her to usage her blood, together grenades whereby she can explode them come her will certainly that harm any type of demon. Her strength can likewise be used to increase the strength of a Nichirin blade, i beg your pardon is later shown in the manga. We watch her usage her ability on Tanjiro’s sword turning it from black right into red.

By law this, it rises the energy of Tanjiro’s fire sword techniques. It helps Tanjiro whenever he’s in fairly a bind against his foes. V both Nezuko’s power and Tanjiro’s sword skills, it’s apparent that this two space a an effective duo together.

Nezuko takes her demon change a step further when she goes right into berserk mode. We view horns come the end of her forehead and also vine markings wrapped around her body. She is at she most powerful in this form but she demon side starts to take it over and also she would certainly need person blood for nourishment.

The only person who can calm her under in this state is Tanjiro. He offers a lullaby the was sung come them through their mommy to soothe her in order to revert Nezuko earlier to normal. Also if she’s stronger, it comes at a price because that Nezuko, but luckily Tanjiro is over there to pacify her in instance she go crazy with her demonic form.

4 Her birthday Is December 28th

Revealed top top the official Japanese Demon Slayer Twitter page, Nezuko"s birthday is December 28th, making she zodiac authorize a Capricorn. Capricorns are earth signs, ruled by the earth Saturn, and their price is the horned goat.

Capricorns are said to it is in ambitious, practical, and also extremely disciplined— a personality trait that helps Nezuko save in touch v her humanity and makes her refuse to hurt or devour human beings. Interestingly, her brothers Tanjiro"s zodiac authorize is Cancer, her finish opposite. Despite this, the two indications are very compatible.

regular demons are choose vampires whereby they have the right to only roam in the night because the sunlight burns them to a crisp. Nezuko isn’t like other demons, i m sorry is exactly how she was provided the name "The favored Demon." The reason behind this is since unlike other demons, she deserve to actually go in the sunshine without getting burned.

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This also explains why Muzan is after her, he wants to devour she in bespeak to acquire the capability to to walk in the daylight. Muzan has actually been looking for centuries the a demon that can dominate the sunlight. After ~ Muzan discovers Nezuko’s ability, that decides to adjust his plans and pursue she for himself. He believes the by devouring her, Muzan can also be able come walk freely into the sunlight.

2 Nezuko was 12-Years-Old when She was Turned right into A Demon

just one year behind her brother Tanjiro, Nezuko was 12-years-old as soon as she was turned into a demon, which renders her physically stay a pre-teen, as demon execute not age.

While Nezuko slept and Tanjiro trained with Urokodaki at the start of the series, 2 years had actually passed, which way that, while Tanjiro would certainly go on to rotate 15, Nezuko ended up being chronologically 14-years-old, despite still technically a 12-year-old. Regardless of her young age, Nezuko is still a fierce demon and her remarkable abilities comprise for she youth.

What renders Nezuko so special from various other demons could be the truth that her family originates from a lengthy line of sword wielders who can master the breathe of the sun style. As soon as Nezuko’s Demon art charges up Tanjiro’s sword, it turns red as with the an initial Breathe that the sunlight user countless centuries ago. Breathe of the sunlight is the original and the most powerful breathe style in Demon Slayer.

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There space many ideas in the story that would indicate that the Kamado household is straight descendants that the first Breathe that the sunlight user. This would average that the style has been passed down v generations the this family. Nezuko’s lineage may it is in the factor why her demonic revolution is various from other demons.