I want to evolve Kadabra in Fire Red (using vba) and noticed that in the videos civilization used they merely were making use of the connect option. Yet my problem is that the VBA emulator I have was a different version there is no the attach option. Just how do i

Evolve Kadabra top top my existing vba, or open up the same GBA document on VBA 1.8 (which has actually the connect option)?


You deserve to use VBA Link.

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It"s a different version indigenous the constant VBA, it supports using approximately 4 player connection.

You will require to change your conserve data format, indigenous .SAV come .SA1 (you can readjust it from .SA1 to .SA4, the number gift the particular player).

Once you perform all the trading girlfriend need readjust your save file back to .SAV to store playing in your constant emulator.

I introduce to execute a earlier up of your save record just in situation things go wrong so you don"t lose any type of progress.


If storage serves, the VGA does not assistance emulating connect cables.

I think some of the Nintendo DS emulators can emulate multiple linked gameboy NDs).

check if her savefiles (not quicksaves, actual saves) deserve to work on both systems, then you might load her savefile on a more complicated emulator, pat a 2nd gamesate till you reacha tradepoint, trade the pokemon, evolve it and trade it back, save and load in your old emulator.


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