Tomatillos are a unique vegetable (or fruit, if girlfriend prefer) come grow. They have actually a tangy, citrusy flavor that stars in salsa verde and lightens up both cooked and also raw dishes.

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Literally meaning ‘little tomato’ in Spanish, tomatillos do prosper in a similar way to tomatoes, but have a an extremely different appearance when ripe and also a different harvesting approach. choose them in ~ the right time can be a tiny tricky until you learn what come look for.

If you’re growing these flavor-packed veggies this year, this is a overview on when and also how to pick tomatillos for the perfect harvest.


Last Harvest

Like tomatoes, tomatillo tree are very sensitive to cold temperatures and will be knocked out by a frost. The one major exception to the basic guidelines that when and how to choose tomatillos is the you need to harvest the rest of your crop prior to a frost comes through.

Underripe fruits space still edible, despite they will be much less sweet and also flavorful than completely ripe ones. Shot cooking them to soften up their texture. Any kind of fruits that are really hard and also inedible can be composted.

How to store Tomatillos

After harvest tomatillos, you have the right to remove the husks if you setup to usage them ideal away, or leaving them top top if you want to save them.

Tomatillos will certainly feel slightly difficult or tacky as soon as you peel them. This tackiness need to wash off her hands fairy easily. Make certain to rinse your tomatillos throughly prior to eating them come remove any kind of tacky residue. This tackiness is from an antioxidant phytochemical called withanolides. This substances help ward off pests and are antibacterial and also anti-inflammatory (source).

Left in their husks, tomatillos have the right to be save on computer in the frozen refrigerator for around 2-3 weeks. simply put them in a file or perforated plastic bag, and store them away from apples, bananas, and other ripening fruit.

For much longer storage, tomatillos can be canned or frozen.

Freezing castle is exceptionally simple.

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every you should do is eliminate the husks, wash and also dry them, and freeze lock in bags or containers. Girlfriend can additionally freeze them very first on cookie trays and also place lock in bags once they space solid to save them from difficult together.