Years ago some the us had One Direction fandom phases, or plastered image of Zac Efron everywhere neon pink walls. For those that you who took the path less traveled and endured one emo phase, you’re likely to have actually done plenty of of the following things. Cue the Avril Lavigne.

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1. You layered top top the bracelets.

Oh yeah, the signature bracelet stack. If you had also a taste of one emo phase you would certainly be sure to collect a variety of arm bands – vivid plastic beaded ones, hemp ones, animal leather ones. There was no such thing as as well many.

2. You obtained side brushed up bangs.

Maybe that was hard to view out of one eye for 75 percent of your day but it to be like, for this reason in. Bonus points if you obtained blunt and also choppy layers that looked like you came right into close call with Edward Scissorhands.

3. Eyeliner. Everywhere.

Bottom liner? height liner? Liner in the water line? while looking back on center school facebook photos periodically I have actually a difficult time separating myself native a well-groomed raccoon.

7. IPod headphones in at every times.

Whether you blasted part Avril Lavigne or Bon Iver, some soothing sad music to be signature to your day-to-day life. You felt especially emo hear to part Paramore on the bus when it to be raining.

8. Black color nails.

Nothing says arising emo boy quite like stubby nails and also some cracked black nail polish. If her emo phase was a far-reaching chapter in your adolescence you more than likely used increase at the very least 3 party of polish.


9. God forbid you typed the age old phrase… RaWr XD.

10. Your taste in music was all at once frightening and aggressive.

And civilization who didn’t love Avenged Sevenfold didn’t worthy to be your friends. Cue the blaring Pandora terminal from your bedroom while your parents frantically wonder whereby they walk wrong.

11. You composed cringey poetry.

If girlfriend didn’t suggest to cigarettes, razors or darkness then your poetry was as well soft. If you’re happy the poetry was kept secret. Few of us shared it openly top top Facebook and deeply pertained to our uncle John.

12. Your mom/family/school/friends/life sucked.

Okay, so maybe this wasn’t entirely unique to emo kids. Our individual talent was in making our displeasure glaringly apparent to anybody within a 10 foot radius that us.

13. You grew a Tumblr obsessively.

Where else would certainly you acquire inspired for the pitch black spiked haircut? Or the fishnets under denim shorts? The wide range of emo youngsters on Tumblr to be (and in my opinion) still is at record levels. If you entered the Tumblr-verse there is no a twinge of emo in your bones friend surely left with some.

14. Your family members didn’t watch your this for years.

Smiling was so pre-emo. You ditched your post braces grin for a sultry stare that chilled the souls of all onlookers.

15. Lasting shame.

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If there’s one point that all previously emo kids share, it’s deep shame and regret. Why couldn’t we have had a Taylor Swift and Hollister phase prefer everyone else? Regardless, us made that out. Congrats.

What is the many definitively emo child thing you ever did? Comment her story down below.Featured picture Source: