CHAPTER 3 - FRONT separation

FRONT SPLIT–17 jan 2010

Since I have it torn down this much already, I chose to walk ahead and also do a prior split, for this reason I could have a look in ~ the flywheel and clutch. Having the engine loose also provides it much much easier to eliminate the oil pan and replace key seals. Glad i did the split, but that is skipping ahead. First, I eliminated a bolt from each side the the belhousing, and also installed my overview pins. These room made from two 3" lengthy bolts that have actually the very same threads as the bolts simply removed, the heads reduced off, and also ground to a rounded tip. You deserve to see one in the photo to the right, and also below the starter. This really help the two components of the tractor slide apart without binding. They assist even more when placing the two halves ago together. Next I hammered wedge-shaped pieces of 2x4 in between the prior axle and also axle assistance on either next of the engine.

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Guide Pins and also wedges in place. This time the front half needs to be movable. The infection is supported on timber blocks adjusted to just barely take the load off without lifting the transmission. A little floor jack is supplied under the engine in this photos.


With the overview pins in place remove every one of the remainder of the bellhousing bolts, and start wiggling the tractor apart. Keep an eye on the jack height. You might need to relocate each fifty percent up or under a hair to totally free things up, therefore they on slide apart easy.


This is a photo of the overdrive transmission. This is no a Sherman Combo or Step-up, the is a really rare F&T Overdrive. Obviously, it installs various from the Sherman. I cannot view or feeling the bolts that organize it to the prior of the transmission. That looks favor this one has to be dissassembled in place.



Yep, after ~ removing the Overdrive front cover and also input shaft, there room the 4 bolts inside the housing. The real bummer here is the in pulling the auxiliary transmission apart, needle bearings go everywhere. Even more fun, over there are different sizes and also no idea how many of each. A magnet was provided to aid find castle all. They were cleaned them, sorted, inspected, and also "glued" ago into the bearing races v a little grease.

Putting the roller bearings ago together and also reinstalling the overdrive "guts" provided me a opportunity to thoroughly check each part. Every one of the interior parts the the auxiliary transmission appear to be in fantastic condition. That"s a relief! Scrounging parts for this rare F&T Overdrive would most likely not be fun or cheap. The output pillar from the auxiliary appears loose. Hmmm, If I"m walking to take a look at that all the guts will have to come the end again. Then I deserve to undo the tie cable on those bolts and also see if there space some shims between the Overdrive housing and the infection case. The is exactly how you readjust preload on a Sherman, but I don"t know if this one is excellent the same way.

Also of issue is the quantity of leakage in the prior of this compartment. The oil shows up to be comes from the engine rear key seal. The flywheel has a poor spot with lacking teeth at least 6 customs long. That method the starter ring equipment needs to it is in replaced and the pressure plate looks an extremely rusty. I have actually a brand brand-new starter ring equipment hanging ~ above the wall. Not sure if I have a decent clutch disc and pressure plate. Gotta go rummage in the offered parts pile.


PARTS! that reminded me, I had a bunch the parts food preparation in the electrolysis tank. Here they are. Looks favor the headlight buckets will should be scraped and put back in for a while.

COOKING A RING GEAR–24 january 2010

This was my twisted idea the some top quality Husband/Wife time. We acquired up Sunday morning and also started food preparation the brand-new ring equipment for my flywheel. The FO-4 hands-on says 350 degrees and has a caution about using as well much heat that could adjust the temper ~ above the teeth or warp the gear. Sharon to be a small hesitant about having tractor parts in her range (imagine that). But once she saw the pretty brand brand-new clean ring gear, she opened up the stove and collection it come preheat. Ns don"t know what she did, it"s one of those brand-new electronic ovens. She whacked a few buttons and also it walk "BEEP".

Look very closely at your brand-new ring gear. The teeth might be reduced slightly different on one side to permit the starter drive equipment to engage easily. If there is a difference, the tapered leaf of the teeth go on the side away from the engine. The starter journey engages native the clutch/transmission next of the flywheel.

After preheat, we stuck the gear in the oven. Exactly how long walk it require to "cook" a ring gear? to win me, we determined after 15 minute it must be "done". That didn"t smell practically as an excellent as a batch the cookies. The flywheel was the end on the deck, so it to be COLD! I ordered two potholders and also quickly take it the gear from the oven and dropped that on the flywheel right outside the kitchen door. CLANGGG! Nope, not also close. I couldn"t tell that the ring equipment had broadened at all. Us tried the 3 times with greater oven temps, and longer cook times, v no success at all.

The flywheel and also ring gear are now hanging ~ above the wall surface in disgrace. They space being punished. Maybe they will be all set to cooperate after hanging in disgrace because that a few weeks. I think Sharon was more upset 보다 I was. Time come crank increase a computer, walk on the NTractorClub N-board, and also see what vital step ns missed. The votes space in, and also all the experts agree, the FO-4 shop hands-on is wrong. We need about twice together much warm as we have the right to possibly obtain out that a regular residential oven.

MAJOR snowstorm No.2–30 jan 2010

This one was just 14 inches. However a major storm for Virginia is 4 inches. The 52 has been running great. This snow was a very light powder, simple to move also with just air in the tires and no chains.

The shop has electric strip heaters and a wood cooktop for heat. The was absolutely cold sufficient to have actually a fire in the wood range on Sunday. It acquired nice and toasty in the shop, so ns was maybe to paint some little parts. Looks like I to be going through a "red belly" paint scheme on the 46-2N. Ns hadn"t made that decision yet, but when it came time to start painting, simply naturally got the red shade for these parts. The components look an extremely orange in this photo. They room not at all orange. The paint supplied is RustOleum - Sunrise Red.

These components are powder-coated. Ns attempted to duplicate a zinc-plated "new hardware" watch by mixing number of powder paint colors.

MAJOR snow storm No.3–5 FEB 2010

OK, this is obtaining old. Only a week because the last one. Snow is piling up around here. This storm had ice, sleet, and also lots that heavy-wet snow. We shed power number of times, yet not because that much more than two hours. There to be at least 14 tree down throughout the driveway Saturday morning. I had actually to cut those and clear the drive prior to I could plow snow. Trees and branches to be still falling and also snapping during the job Sunday. Give thanks to the lord none fight me, the house, or various other buildings.

Plowing snow must be attract the tractor out. The 52 coughed, sputtered and also died appropriate in the middle of the driveway. Obviously out of gas, except I understand the tank is fine over half full. Traced the trouble to a clogged fuel valve assembly. Had actually to drainpipe the fuel tank and change-out the fuel valve in the worst component of the snowstorm. Good thing I store a few spare parts. Got the tractor to run again before the snow got too deep to plow.

FLYWHEEL RING equipment – ring TWO

Finally gained the 52 put away on Sunday, and currently had a fire walking in the shop lumber stove. It had cooked under to red coals, therefore I chose to chuck the ring gear in there, and also toss a few small pieces of firewood on top. Confirm it and turned it roughly once (the coals were obviously hotter in the back). As soon as I pulled the ring equipment out it was glowing with just a hint of dull red most of the way around (probably 600-700 degrees). It easily dropped appropriate on the flywheel. I had a cup the water comfortable to cool points down. The ring gear made a "screech" sound as it suddenly shrunk come fit the flywheel. Perfect! placed a DONE rubber stamp on that job.

Reinstalling the flywheel/clutch assembly is easy. Lot more an overwhelming was instead of the engine crankshaft oil seals, and also oil pan gaskets. Great thing I put the engine ~ above a stand and turned that over. The front key cap / oil punp housing was loose! Looks prefer someone supplied the wrong length bolt (too short), and also it traction the last two threads out of the block. This to be a substantial ticking time bomb.

Having spare components on-hand pays off again. I had actually some used key bearings from an additional engine, and matched-up replacements because that the former bearing halves that had actually spun. Gotten rid of all the mains, trying to find metal from the be crazy bearing. Witnessed nothing but a tiny fine stuff. Rinsed the out v fresh oil. Since I had the crank virtually out, replacing main seals to be easy. Supplied PlastiGauge® to confirm appropriate bearing clearances, and bolted everything back together with the correct size bolts this time. Thankfully, there were still lot of of threads in ~ the first main bearing. The didn"t also need a thread fix kit.

The rotating assembly in one engine is not complicated, however this is no location to reduced corners. Revolve the crankshaft as each bolt is torqued-down in stages. If the crank suddenly get"s harder to turn, stop, and also figure out what the problem is. Currently is when we want to uncover the wrong size bearing, or something set up backwards. I treated this favor a brand-new assembly, and also used lot of of assembly lube on all bearings. It might be part time prior to this engine is started, the assembly lube is thick enough to stay placed until I"m prepared to operation it.

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The 2N is roll again! It"s back on the wheels, and also able to be rolled around. The brand-new steering works great!

Next thing 4 - tiny PARTS

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