See the outcomes of this poll: execute you pronounce Teresa and also Theresa the same?

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Yes: 61 (94%)No: 4 (6%)

I express these names exactly the same. Once I have met civilization with this name, order both ways, they all express it tuh-REE-suh the way you to speak it (and I perform too). Ns don’t think you need to have any problems v pronunciation.

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Theresa: ns pronounce that Teh-REE-sahTeresa: ns pronounce the Teh-RAY-suh

Teresa is the Spanish version of Theresa and also it is pronounced “tey-ray-suh”. Theresa is pronounced “tuh-ree-suh”. It depends on what spelling you choose.

I pronounce them both the same. Mine bf and also I both have aunts called Teresa that both prn it Tuh-REE-suh. I would spell the Teresa. Unless you space from one area whereby there room lots Spanish speakers, ns doubt girlfriend will get Teh-ray-suh. I far prefer the Teresa spelling and also I have considered using that to respect my aunt. The is a beautiful name.

To me, Theresa is always tuh-REE-sa and Teresa can go either way. However I think it might get confusing when in a while one of two people way. Usage the order you prefer better; it’s not difficult to correct people, and also it’s not a ridiculous, difficult to remember variation it is going to cause tons of trouble.

Thanks so much for everyone’s response! It really made me feel complimentary to choose either spelling. Because I’ve had actually such a hard time picking I request dh and also he definitely prefers Teresa. So since I picked May over his preference for Mae. Teresa May it will be! i think the perfect! now I simply hope that a girl b/c guys names have been so, so, so much harder!!! I’ve given up on detect a perfect brother for the sibset.

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I’ve always said them the exact same (teh-REE-suh) but it’s pretty the various other way, too. I know a small girl named Terissa (teh-REE-suh) and everyone pronounces her surname correctly, easily. Therefore Terissa is a cute order of the name. What carry out you think of it?

I don’t treatment for it as I think most world would shot to express the “i”. If i was going to usage Teri together a nn 보다 I could see the appeal. Thanks for the details though. Always good to have actually options.

I think the Teresa spelling will be finest as your current daughter is Clare there is no an ‘i’ and also Teresa doesn’t have actually the extra letter, in this case ‘h’.