As an Android user, you love to share all your favorite picture and videos with your family and friends. However, your documents aren"t sending prefer they should. Don"t worry! In the complying with guide, we"ll display you what to perform if your Android won"t send pictures.

Turn ~ above Wi-Fi

Remember, come send pictures through any technique over the Internet, you"ll need a kind Wi-Fi connection. The larger the files, the more powerful and more stable your connection should be. Swipe down from the optimal of your display to check if your Android"s Wi-Fi is turn on.

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It"s far better to send your images and also files end a secure Wi-Fi network. Utilizing Wi-Fi available in windy locations, choose coffee shops, pipeline your data vulnerable to hackers.


Turn On mobile Data

If you aren"t in a place with a Wi-Fi connection, and have an energetic mobile data plan, you can use her wireless network to send a picture instead. The easiest means to check out if you have mobile data rotate on is to swipe down from the peak of her display and tap the gear icon to open your settings. From here, insanity Connections -> Data intake -> mobile data.


If your mobile data is turned off or unavailable, just Wi-Fi will permit you to send photos over the Internet.

Why Can"t ns Send My images As Texts?

A common method to send pictures and also videos is v MMS message messages. This is among the easiest methods since it doesn"t involve downloading or setup up any type of extra software. However, MMS message come with limitations.

When sending a normal text without a photo on Android phones, your blog post is sent as a short message company (SMS) message. In contrast, as soon as sending a picture or video, your blog post is converted into a multimedia messaging organization (MMS) message.

MMS messages, consisting of the texts, images, and also videos within it, need to be smaller sized than 300kB. Makes sure that your photos aren"t too huge and that your videos aren"t too long.

How come Compress Pictures and Trim Videos because that MMS Messages

If your documents are too big to send with MMS, you"ll should make your sizes smaller. Image quality and dimensions, also as video clip quality and length, are directly related to paper size.

For images, a great way to alleviate their record size is come decrease the dimension of the image itself, i m sorry both to reduce its quality and its dimensions. Save in mind the this can make your picture blurry, so if necessary, consider sending the original photo through an alternative an approach to MMS. You can reduce the image size in a picture compression app, consisting of editors easily accessible in part gallery apps, prefer Samsung Gallery.

For videos, you deserve to trim them making use of a gallery app like Google Photos. Simply open the video, in the collection of your choice, and tap the modify button. This should offer you the alternative to trim the video clip by setting its start and also end times.


My Android Won"t Send images To iPhones!

If you space trying to send a picture to an iphone user and they can"t get it, there"s a couple of things the you both have the right to try. First, reboot both devices. If the difficulty continues, you may need to call your mobile network carrier for further assistance.

Alternatives to Sending pictures Over Text

Android Beam

An easy alternative to sending photos on Android v MMS messaging is Android Beam. This uses NFC technology to allow you to tap your phone to one more Android an equipment to send files. If you"re interested in giving it a try, we have a great guide here!

Instant Messaging

Another an excellent option is to use an prompt messaging app like WhatsApp, on facebook Messenger, or Discord. As lengthy as you and also the receiver both have actually accounts on among these services, you have the right to send them a picture through a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. The document size deserve to be much larger than MMS and you don"t need to worry around whether or no the recipient is an Android user.

Cloud Storage

Another means that you have the right to send pictures on one Android, beside from message messages, is cloud sharing. This provides your recipient access, v a attach or email, come digitally view and download the photo or album of your choice.

First, you"ll have to upload the image to a cloud sharing organization like OneDrive or Google Photos. This procedure is also easier, if you have actually your photos collection to upload automatically to one of these services. Then, all you should do is select the image of your selection and madness the share button.

If you"re utilizing Google Photos, you can share the picture or album with an additional person"s Gmail. This enables them to accessibility it securely. ~ above the various other hand, if you copy and also share the link to the image, anyone with the attach can access the photos. Keep this in mental for once you desire to keep your pictures secure.

Online Hosting

Another popular way to share photos is to upload your picture to a complimentary image hosting site prefer Imgur. Doing so allows you come copy the link to the image and share it v anyone you"d like. Girlfriend can even embed the image onto a website!

Most sites will call for you to create an account, and also they may have record upload limits. It is in mindful, anyone v the connect can see the photos the you upload, so just do this for images that friend don"t mental being seen by strangers.

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Message Sent!

Now you"re ready to share your pictures and videos, in situation your Android phone call won"t send pictures! say thanks to you for reading this article, and also we hope the you"ll re-superstructure it with someone that would appreciate learning how to send images on an Android without the hassle. Please leave a comment if you have any more questions about issues with sending pictures on Androids.