For countless German speakers, the phrase just how are you? in English is confusing because, in English, it’s more of a casual greeting to practically anyone you conference throughout the day.

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In English, saying “How space you” or some local variation (how’s the going, or just how ya’ goin) iss nearly like saying hello. Often, an really honest solution isn’t expected.

This is different from saying “How are you?” in German. Once you asking this, make certain you have some time, due to the fact that you won’t constantly get a quick response. Part Germans will tell you just how they in reality are.

Read on to learn about all of the different ways come say “How space you?” in German, about the context to usage each one, and how come respond.

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How space You in German at a Glance



Wie geht’s?

How"s that going?

Wie geht’s dir?

How space you?

Wie geht’s Ihnen?

How room you (formal)

Wie geht’s Euch?

How are you?

Alles gut?

Everything good?

Alles okay?

Everything ok?

was ist los?

What"s up?

to be geht ab?

What"s up?

to be macht dice Arbeit / die Familie / das Haus?

How is her work/your family/the house?






All the means to Say just how Are girlfriend in German

All the means to Say how Are you in German


Wie geht’s?

Wie geht’s? is the most typically used expression for saying “how room you” in German.

The phrase Wie geht’s literally equates to “How does it go?”. It deserve to be used with anybody really however might be best used with world you know, as it’s fairly informal.

You have the right to use this phrase when you first meet someone but additionally when continuously seeing someone. It have the right to be command at one human being or at numerous people.

Wie geht’s dir?

Wie geht’s dir? , a variation of Wie geht’s? is used to to speak “How are you?” in German.

You will straight it come one human that girlfriend are acquainted with. That is one informal means of questioning someone exactly how they are, i m sorry you have the right to note v the use of dir.

Wie geht’s Ihnen?

Wie geht’s Ihnen is a variation of the vault expression, wie gehts.

You use the expression Wie geht’s Ihnen because that strangers or when you meet someone the very first time together it’s an ext formal, as denoted by the use of Ihnen.

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Wie geht’s Euch?

Wie geht’s Euch is the critical variation that Wie geht’s. The is supplied when speaking to several human being in an informal way. You can use it once you meet a larger team of friends and don’t want to questioning every single person just how they room individually.

Alles gut?

Alles gut? This typical expression literally translates to “Everything good?”.

You deserve to say Alles gut? v a single person or several civilization in any type of context, officially or not blocked which renders it a good choice if you don’t really understand where you stand with someone.

Alles okay?

You guessed it, Alles okay? means “everything okay?”.

Use this expression through caution, you can insinuate that whatever is actually no okay and also get a lengthier response than you expected. A bit like questioning “Is every little thing alright?” in English.

Similar to “alles gut?”, you can say “Alles okay” in any type of context.

Was ist los?

to be ist los? have the right to be translated to “what’s up?” or “what’s happening?”.

Similar come “alles okay?” it deserve to imply the something is happening. You could say it once someone is visibly uncomfortable or crying but additionally when a team of civilization is laughing and you desire to recognize what happened.

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Was geht ab?

I have actually unfortunately aged out of being a cool teenager but I remember this one gift a popular expression earlier then.

to be geht ab? is a very informal, colloquial means of asking “What’s up?”. Usually provided with casual acquaintances and also friends.

Similar to “how space you?” in the United claims it doesn’t necessarily require solution and have the right to simply be provided to begin a conversation.

Was macht die Arbeit/die Familie/das Haus etc.?

to be macht die Arbeit / dice Familie / das Haus?

This an ext specific expression invites you to ask around someone’s work, your family, their house or anything else.

It have the right to be analyzed to “How about work/your family/the house?”. The a great way to initiate some little talk and keep points light.


Na? can just be among the most versatile words in German. It equates to something prefer “so?” and feasible answers variety from no price to informing your conversation partner around your last therapy session or the bagel you had for breakfast. “Na?” can stand ~ above its very own or it is in used together with any of the various other expressions.


You might recognize und from various other posts and examples. The simply way “and”, and has a role similar to “Na?”. Friend can likewise use it to store a conversation going and encourage the other person to save speaking.

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Check the end the video clip below if friend prefer discovering through video! that only offers two methods of saying just how are girlfriend in German, yet she provides great commentary on different responses and also what come say and also not to say.

Respond to exactly how Are you in German

You could be wondering, how have the right to you answers in a quick and concise method to “How are you?” in German? stop look at part options: