I checked out Mexico for my birthday and asked because that bizcocho chocolate (a cacao cake) and also they began at me prefer I had two heads. Due to the fact that bizcocho method cake in Caribbean Latin countries, i didn"t think noþeles of it. Transforms out in Mexico i was questioning for a item of chocolate vagina.

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Chocha (Puerto Rico)

Only in Latin America does a word have actually a double meaning like this: either a vagina or a grouchy old person.

La Bomba (Cuba)

This equates to "the bomb." that speaks for itself.

Popola (Dominican Republic)

I request every Dominican i know, and also no one had actually a clue whereby this word came from. It sounds choose something a kid made up.

Toto (throughout Latin America)

You will never ever watch The wizard of Oz the very same again.

Papaya (Cuba)

If you slice a papaya in half, it type of looks favor a vagina. That"s why Cubans died laughing in ~ Mitt Romney when he innocently claimed he loves mango, papaya, and also guava.

Cosita (South America)

It way "little thing," which is weird, since who describes their vagina as a "little thing?"

Concha (Central America)

A concha is a shell. This is the Spanish variation of calling the a "clam."

Pupusa (Guatemala and El Salvador)

Pupusas space corn cake stuffed with all kinds of stuff, like meat, cheese — you name it. This one most likely came up at a dinner when someone do the clever pun: "I hope the pupusas aren"t the only things obtaining stuffed tonight!"

Perereca (Brazil)

Who in the civilization thought of referring to a woman"s genitalia together a frog? i can"t.

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