A friend in need is a friend indeed! The French additionally have an tantamount expression they’re fond the – “c’est dans le besoin que l’on reconnaît ses vrais amis”. Friendship is just one of the many important elements of life therefore it’s no surprise that this adage exist in numerous cultures and languages. Let’s take it a look at exactly how to say “friend” in French and also explore the different alternatives we have for connecting with and referring to our friends.

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How to Say girlfriend in French at a Glance

Friend in French

Ami / Amie Copain / Copine Pote

Common words because that friends

Common words because that friends


Ami(e) simply method “friend” in French. Add an “e” and also it becomes the woman “amie”, add an “s” come either type and it i do not care the many “ami” for male friends or “amies” because that female friends. It’s offered to describe a near friend. Periodically you will certainly hear the state “petit ami” or “petite amie”. This doesn’t refer to someone’s tiny friend (”petit” way little) however actually describes a stable boy- or girlfriend. Let’s look at instances for both:

Mon ami Julien m’a offert des fleurs.

Ma petite amie vit à Paris.

My girlfriend Julien gave me flowers.

My girlfriend lives in Paris.

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Copain, copine

Copain (male) and also copine (female) both typical friend and are supplied interchangeably with “ami(e)”. To form the many you include an “s” to both forms and it becomes “copains” and also “copines”. “Copain” and “copine” describe a friendly connection slightly less close 보다 “ami(e)”. Including “petit(e)” likewise makes the a boy- or girlfriend. Sometimes “copain/copine” can also refer come a romantic companion without “petit(e)” in former of it. In a conversation, salary close fist to the paper definition to discover the relationship between two people.

Sa copine Magalie lui rend visite.

Mon petit copain est medecin.

His girlfriend Magalie access time him.

My friend is a doctor.


Pote is a an extremely informal word to explain a male or female friend. It is regularly used in the plural type “potes” to describe a team of close friends.

Je vais voir mes potes.

I’ll go to see my friends.

Common expressions for referring come friends

Good friend(s) – bon ami/ bonne amie, bon copain/bonne copine. Bons potes

Best friend(s) – meilleur ami, meilleure amie, meilleur copain, meilleure copine, meilleurs potes

A friend of mine – un ami (une amie) a moi, un copain (une copine) a moi, des potes a moi

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How To use Mon Ami (And just how Not To)

You might know the ax “mon ami” from pop culture. It is often used in movies as a friendly greeting such together – “Bonjour, mon ami!” i m sorry is expected to convey “Hello, my friend!”.

This specific use of “mon ami” is in reality not common at all in France and also will automatically give girlfriend away as a tourist. It’s something the was most likely taught in the French class from the Simpsons but the expression is no actually offered this way.

Instead, a far better way the addressing who you’re greeting is simply by using their name.

How to resolve your friend in French


Bonjour Luc! – Hello Luc!

Bonjour, mon ami! – Hello, my friend!

“Mon ami” is used but if girlfriend talk around a girlfriend of yours, introduce or describe them.

Bonjour à tous, c’est Luc, mon ami.

Hello everybody, this is Luc, mine friend.


From “ami” over “copain” come “pote”, us hope friend enjoy and practice her newly obtained French an abilities with her friends. Pay close fist to the difference between “ami ” or “petit ami” or you can accidentally describe someone as your romantic partner and commit a “faux-pas”.

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