This is no a phrase you desire to chaos up! watch the video clip or scroll under to pat the audio records that demonstrate exactly just how to say i LOVE girlfriend in Creole.

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Mwen renmen ouI love you

This phrase has a range of definition depending top top the context. Similar to English, “I love you” counts on that you space talking about.

Je t’aime (French)I love you

It’s very common to hear this French expression of i love you. Remember the Haiti is a country with two main languages, Creole and French. It’s even an ext common for French paragraph to work-related their means into sweat talk.

Mwen love ouI love you

This is one more common slag for ns love girlfriend in Creole. Don’t forget English has a heavy influence on modern-day Creole, particularly through music and television.

How to say “I love you” in Creole?

“Mwen renmen ou” is a Haitian Creole expression that method “I love you.”

How perform you say “my love” in Creole?

“Amou” or “Amou mwen” space Haitian creole phrases that average “my love.”

What’s the meaning of “mwen renmen ou” in English?

“Mwen renmen ou” is a direct means to to speak “I love you” in Haitian Creole. This deserve to indicate romantic, paternal, or fraternal affection relying on the context.

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Creole Sweet Talk

With Valentine’s Day comes up, Estherline wanted to add some extra romantic unit volume in Haitian creole to help our readers v their love lives. Enjoy!

Ou se flè mwen ki fleri nan kè mwenYou are the flower the blooms in my heartè-mwen-ki-fleri-nan-kè-mwen.mp3

San ou mwen paka vivWithout girlfriend I can not live

Ou dènye goud dlo ki rete nan bouche mwenYou room the critical drop the water in my mouthènye-goud-dlo-ki-rete-nan-bouche-mw-.mp3

Ou se Lalin ki fè nwit mwen bèlYou space the moon that provides the night beautifulè-nwit-mwen-bèl-.mp3

Ou se solèy ki chofe mwen chak matenYou space the sunlight that warms me in the morningèy-ki-chofe-mwen-chak-maten-.mp3

Ou se frèz mwen ki bay bouch mwen gouYou room the strawberry that i love come tasteèz-mwen-ki-bay-bouch-mwen-gou.mp3

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