Whether you prefer your birth surname or not, there’s not much you can do to readjust it.

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But let’s it is in honest—getting to name yourself would be quite cool!

Fortunately, now you can!

The great Charlemagne when said, “to have another language is to possess another soul.”

And just how true is that!

When learning a new language, we have the chance to take on a brand-new identity.

So it just makes feeling that we get a brand-new name, right?

If you’re wondering exactly how to say her name in Chinese and also introduce yourself through it, you’ve concerned the ideal spot.

In this blog post, you’ll discover out just how to say her name in Chinese and also learn six must-know phrases for introducing yourself prefer a aboriginal speaker.

Let’s obtain right right into it!

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My name in Chinese: how to discover Your Chinese Name and Let Everyone know Who friend Are

How to find Your Chinese Name

If you’re wondering how to say your name in Chinese, there room plenty of resources to number it out. After learning some basics of the Chinese language and becoming more conversational, saying your name as you would in English have the right to sound awkward and choppy.

So if you require a Chinese name, right here are a few tips to lastly get one!

Use a Chinese surname tool

Perhaps the many popular way to acquire a Chinese surname is by utilizing a Chinese surname tool. This online devices take your name in English and your gender to autogenerate means to say your name in Chinese. If this is your preferred route, use a website choose Chinese.gratis or Chinese-Tools.com come instantly obtain a Chinese name.

The an excellent thing around these devices is the they’re great starting points. Also if you choose not to use the precise name they offer you, you’ll likely still leave through some inspiration. Plus, depending upon your name, plenty of tools will offer you numerous translation options.

Here are a couple of other Chinese name tools to help you discover your name.

Ask a girlfriend or Chinese tutor to name you

Sometimes, your autogenerated name from surname converters just sounds bad. Especially if her name is 3 syllables or longer, it can be challenging to find a natural-sounding name in Chinese through online tools. In this case—or in the case you desire your Chinese name to it is in nothing favor your English name—ask a Chinese friend or tutor to offer you one!

This is what i did once I started discovering Chinese. Mine English surname is Brooke, and also I didn’t like any of the results from digital translation tools, so my tutor offered me the surname 嘉莉 (jiā lì), which means “beautiful woman.” Not just did that sound much better, yet I was really honored she offered me such a name!

My English surname (Brooke) was translated as 布鲁克 (bù lǔ kè) through the name generators, which simply didn’t sound together appealing to me.

Rename yourself

One the my favourite things around learning brand-new languages is the each one offers you a brand-new identity! girlfriend didn’t have actually the chance to name yourself as soon as you to be born, yet now the you’re finding out a new language, you do!

If friend don’t have Chinese girlfriend or a tutor, surname yourself after your favorite Chinese drama character, pop singer, historical figure or also browse perform of usual Chinese names because that inspiration.

Watching Chinese media—like dramas, music videos and also movies—can do more than just give you new name ideas and also improve her listening skills. You deserve to actually end up being fluent turn off of them!

“How,” you ask?



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Tips for presenting Yourself in Chinese

Before we acquire into the different ways to introduce yourself in Chinese, it’s necessary to store a couple of tips in mind.

In many cases, Chinese etiquette and manners space much various than those in the west world. Since of this, girlfriend can’t constantly directly translate from English come Chinese what you’re going come say or start a conversation the very same way.

Let’s take it a look at a few tips that’ll save your introductions polite and running smoothly.

Say 很高兴认识您 (Hěn gāoxìng rènshi nín) — quite to accomplish you

Unlike other eastern languages like Japanese, the expression “nice to fulfill you” comes after both civilization have presented themselves. Because that example, after ~ greeting a person, saying your name and also asking because that theirs, the other person will reply, and then girlfriend both say 很高兴认识您. In this case, the same applies to English.

Use (nín) rather of (nǐ)

Both of these words typical “you,” however 您 is the formal version. When an initial meeting someone, it’s best to describe them together 您 than 你 due to the fact that you’re not yet acquainted with them.

However, after ~ you’ve chatted because that a bit, it’s generally safe to start using 你 uneven the person is one authority figure or superior—like an elder or your brand-new boss.

Say her last name prior to your first name

This is a concept in numerous eastern languages that many Westerners uncover confusing at first. Unequal in most European languages, Chinese human being put their last name prior to their an initial name.

For example, girlfriend wouldn’t to speak “my name is Bob Jones” in Chinese. Instead, you’d say, “my name is Jones Bob.”

Of course, as soon as you have actually a Chinese name, this sound much an ext natural!

Ask 您贵姓 (nín guì xìng) as soon as asking someone their name

This expression literally means, “what’s her honorable surname?”

Even though this phrase seems old-fashioned and ultra-formal, it’s still supplied in daily Chinese. As soon as responding come 您贵姓, you’ll frequently state your last surname first, complied with by “but I’m called…”.

For example, if who asked me this question, I’d answers with 我姓白,叫嘉莉 (wǒ xìng bái, jiào jiā lì) — my surname is Bái, yet I’m referred to as Jiā Lì.

Use 请问 (qǐng wèn) to get someone’s attention

The expression 请问 can be provided in numerous situations. It literally way “may i ask” however is offered like “excuse me” in English.

Before beginning a conversation, asking for directions, introducing yourself or merely approaching another person, use 请问 to it is in polite.

For example:

请问您贵姓(Qǐng wèn, nín guì xìng?) — pardon me, what’s your surname?

6 means to introduce Yourself choose a indigenous Speaker

Now that you know how to politely start a conversation and have discovered your Chinese name let’s obtain into the various ways we can introduce ourself in Mandarin!

我叫。。。(Wǒ Jiào…) — I’m Called…

One that the most common ways to provide your surname is by saying 我叫… followed by your first name.

Please note right here that you can’t speak 我叫 to give your surname. That would be 我姓… (wǒ xìng…).

The verb 叫 (jiào) way “to call” in Chinese, so you deserve to use this come tell who what you, someone or anything rather is named.

For example:

请问你叫什么名字(Qǐng wèn, nǐ jiào shén me míng zi?) — pardon me, what’s her name?

我叫嘉莉你呢(Wǒ jiào jiā lì. Nǐ ne?) — I’m called/named Jiā Lì. And also you?

我的名字叫。。。(Wǒ De Míng Zi Jiào…) — My name Is…

Another common means to present yourself is to prolong 我叫… right into 我的名字叫…

The indigenous 名字 (míng zi) way “name,” so this phrase literally way “my surname is called.”

We additionally see this indigenous in the inquiry 你叫什么名字? (Nǐ jiào shén me míng zi?) — What’s her name?

请问你可以自我介绍一下吗(Qǐng wèn, nǐ kě yǐ zì wǒ jiè shào yí xià ma?) — excuse me, have the right to you present yourself?

可以我的名字叫乔菲(Kě yǐ! wǒ de míng zi jiào qiáo fēi.) — yes! My surname is Qiao Fei.

我的中文名字叫。。。(Wǒ De Zhōng Wén Míng Zi Jiào…) — my Chinese surname Is…

If you desire to further describe that the name you’re providing is her Chinese name, you have the right to use the expression 我的中文名字叫…

This is a phrase I personally use a lot. It’s also good for creating preference.

For example, as soon as I remained in university, I had lots the friends that were foreign exchange students native China and Taiwan (one was also my roommate).

They knew I might speak Chinese, so they’d regularly speak to me in their language. Due to the fact that they knew mine English name together well, at an initial they weren’t certain what to speak to me or which name ns preferred. I resolved that problem by presenting myself with 我的中文名字叫… for this reason they knew that when speaking Chinese, lock can speak to me by mine Chinese name!

I basically had actually two names throughout my time in ~ university!

请问你叫什么(Qǐng wèn, nǐ jiào shén me?) — excuse me, what space you called?

我的中文名字叫李娜(Wǒ de zhōng wén míng zi jiào lǐ nà.) — mine Chinese surname is Lǐ Nà.

叫我。。。就行/可以了 (Jiào Wǒ…Jiù Xíng/Kě Yǐ Le) — call Me…Is Fine

Another an excellent phrase to use for developing preference is 叫我…就行/可以了, which literally method “calling me…is simply fine.”

This is additionally a expression I typically used v my foreign exchange student friends. Two common ways to use it room in response to the question 您怎么称呼 (nín zěn me chēng hū) — exactly how should I deal with you and also when explaining the you’d like to be dubbed a name different than what you used to introduce yourself with.

Here’s a culture tip!

In Chinese-speaking countries, it’s an extremely common for people under the period of 30 come be called 小 (xiǎo) + your surname by their friends and family.

For example, someone v the lock 王 (wáng) could be referred to as 小王 (xiǎo wáng) by their friends.

请问您怎么称呼(Qǐng wèn, nín zěn me chēng hū?) — forgive me, exactly how should I deal with you?

叫我小王就行了!(Jiào wǒ xiǎo wáng jiù xíng le!) — call me Xiao Wang (Little Wang) is fine!

请问你叫什么名字? (Qǐng wèn, nǐ jiào shén me míng zi?) — forgive me, what’s your name?

我的中文名字叫嘉莉所以叫我嘉莉就可以了(Wǒ de zhōng wén míng zi jiào jiā lì, suǒ yǐ jiào wǒ jiā lì jiù kě yǐ le.) — mine Chinese name is Jiā Lì, so calling me Jiā Lì is fine.

我是… (Wǒ Shì) — I’m…

If you want to keep it short and also sweet, you deserve to say 我是 plus your name. This is supplied in the same method as 我叫.

请问你叫什么名字? (Qǐng wèn, nǐ jiào shén me míng zi?) — pardon me, what’s her name?

我是贝拉(Wǒ shì bèi lā.) — I’m Bèi Lā.

我姓。。。叫。。。(Wǒ Xìng…Jiào…) — mine Surname Is…I’m Called…

Although this might sound a little awkward in English, this is one of the most common ways to present yourself in Chinese, especially after gift asked 您贵姓.

请问您贵姓(Qǐng wèn, nín guì xìng?) — forgive me, what’s her surname?

我姓王叫李娜(Wǒ xìng wáng, jiào lǐ nà.) — my surname is Wang, I’m called Lǐ Nà.

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Introducing yourself correctly in Chinese is maybe the best method to do a stunning very first impression!

And through these six phrases, you’re now readily fitted to mix in with the Chinese society and admire some indigenous speakers!

Brooke Bagley is a freelance writer and a passionate language learner. She’s learned Mandarin Chinese for seven years, Spanish for three and Indonesian for one. As well as languages, Brooke runs she freelance writing business—Writing & Thriving—and specializes in B2B, digital marketing and holistic health and also wellness.

Download: This blog write-up is available as a convenient and also portable PDF the you have the right to take anywhere. Click here to acquire a copy. (Download)