Pat who on the back or shake their hands. Celebrate through them your success by discovering to say Congratulations in oriental 축하해요 (Chukahaeyo).

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Suppose you recognize someone that is celebrating a really important event in their life favor graduation, birthday, promotion, wedding day, or also having a new baby. In the case, it"s nice to congratulate them. In many situations, Koreans love to offer presents (--선물 seonmul), however it is still essential to know exactly how to congratulate someone using korean words and phrases.

There are many ways come say congratulations in various languages like 恭喜!(gōng xǐ!) in Chinese, おめでとうございます! (omedetougozaimasu!) in Japanese, and Félicitations! in French. But, in this blog, you will certainly learn how to to speak Congratulations in korean in different ways. If you want to discover more, girlfriend can check Ling application for more complimentary lessons.

How come Say Congratulations In Korean

Koreans love to celebrate no matter exactly how grand or little the factor is. Lock value hard work, and also they celebrate their wins. The usual Korean celebration entails enjoying Samgyeopsal (삼겹살 ) with your family, near friends, or colleagues, having drinks in a adjacent pub (for adult only), or having dinner v your whole family. But, how do lock congratulate each other aside from celebrations?


Here are various ways come say Congratulations in Korean. Actually, Koreans have numerous ways come say Congratulations the are based on the politeness levels in your culture. Meaning, you have to carefully choose what word or phrase to use as soon as talking come people since it will depend on your social hierarchy. But, before we discover these ways, let"s an initial learn an important Korean word which is축하하다(chukahada).

The oriental verb축하하다(chukahada), congratulate in English, come from 2 words which are축하(chuka), method "celebrations," and "하다 (hada), which way "to do." therefore if you incorporate it, you"ll obtain 축하하다 (chukhahada) which way "celebrate."

Now that you understand this, you"re totally geared up to learn more. Here"s the basic means to speak Congratulations in Korean. Mental to pronounce it effectively to protect against misunderstandings.

축하합니다 (Chukahamnida) - formal Form

The an initial one is the formal way. The formal way, 축하합니다 (Chukahamnida), is provided to congratulate who in formal situations. It is also used come say congratulations to civilization older 보다 you. Mental the step in "Record that Youth" wherein Sa Hye-Jun congratulated his grand on gift a model at his age? such a clear example of congratulating someone using the official form.

You may be familiar with this phrase since Koreans usage this to sing Happy date of birth to someone. So, the phrase 생일 축하합니다 Saengil Chukahamnida method "Birthday Congratulation."

축하드립니다 (Chukadeurimnida) - an ext Formal

Let"s move on to the second way to speak Congratulations in Korean, i m sorry is the much more formal. This form is provided to congratulate those in a greater social hierarchy than you, for example, a teacher, colleague, or boss. Remember how Secretary Kim congratulated Lee Young-Joon because that his accomplishment as the company"s vice president in "What"s Wrong v Secretary Kim"?That"s the perfect instance of as soon as to usage this phrase.

축하해요 (Chukahaeyo) - traditional Form

If you"re brand-new in Korea, girlfriend should certainly be cautious on speak to other people. If you listen to the locals really carefully, you"ll an alert that castle have various words and phrases come use depending upon whom they are talking to. Discovering this is a authorize of respect in their culture. So, if friend don"t want to sound rude, you can learn the standard kind or the polite type to to speak Congratulations in oriental language.

Koreans use words 축하해요 (Chukahaeyo). You"ll notice that they have actually attached 요 (yo) to the end, which renders it sound polite. You deserve to use this like how Seo Dal-mi"s team congratulated each other as soon as they got welcomed in Start-up.

축하해 (Chukahae) - Informal/Casual Form

The last way to speak Congratulations in korean that us will discover is the informal kind 축하해 (Chukahae). This expression is provided when you speak to her friends or someone really close come you, favor your girlfriend or boyfriend. It"s like as soon as Won Hae-Yo congratulated Sa Hye-Jun for his "Best Actor" award.

Remember, once you"re finding out Korean, friend will just use the informal type to civilization really close to you. Making use of this because that older people will make you sound rude. You wouldn"t listen locals using the informal type often because it is meant for more personal conversations.

Other oriental Words because that Congratulations

Now that you have learned the four various ways come say Congratulations in oriental let"s uncover some much more ways to congratulate who using different Korean words.

잘했어. (Jalhaesseo.)

English Translation: Good job.

멋진 쇼! (Meosjin Syo!)

English Translation: great show!

엄청난! Eomcheongnan!

English Translation: Great!

당신이 한 것 중 최고입니다 (Dangsin-I han Geos Jung Choegoibnida)

English Translation: It"s the ideal you"ve ever done.

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Try discovering These an easy Sentences

Hey, you obtained this far! Indeed, you"re ready to take it to the following level. Being able to dive into conversations is the key purpose that learning new languages. So here are three sentences the you can practice first. Don"t worry since the meaning of these sentences is given. Friend just have to practice how to pronounce it.