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I"m going to go back in time and beat the PO of this engine.. No idea why I bought it..So in the winter I found a freeze plug on my garage floor.. Don"t know HOW it just popped out.. Anyways under the car today, found out one IS missing (Back, near the starter) and it it looks like I can reach it to reinstall one. bad news, the one beside it, under the engine block, has rust around it, looks like it"s shimmying it"s way out!!! (Wtf!).. Doesn"t look very accessible either. Any tips?


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Ohhhh no.. Engine is 100% not coming out! Too much EFI crap in there, and I"m on the verge of testing if everything works.. Next time this engine comes out, a newer/better one is going on, and frankly, that"s not happening next weekend.. but it"s possible, behind the motormount? Or should I just try to tap that one back in (assuming it IS coming out.. sure looks like.. Or at least, looks like it did awhile ago, adn has since rusted there).. The other one, of course, I will replace.. but looks easy enough.
Lift the motor, remove the mount, and that way you can really see what you have. If it is rusted but not leaking, and tapping on it may cause it to start leaking. With the mount out of the way, it will be easier to work on.
AzPeteUSAF (Ret)"07 GT Vert (The family car)"66 Coupe (For fun)Previously owned: Blue "66 Coupe, Red "66 Coupe, red "68 Coupe, Black "87 GT HO, Red "00 GT Vert
You can use rubber freeze plugs. They"re a thick disk of rubber between two disks of metal. You slip them into place and tighten a nut to squeeze the rubber.I had a similar problem-- right above the frame. The rubber plugs lasted 4 years without incident, until I pulled the motor.
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Use the rubber, but definitely do NOT reuse an old freeze plug. Once used, they distort to fit the hole, and will never be good again. They are cheap enough, just replace it. In fact, I bet the one that popped out was reused.
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No idea, but it"s the only shiny one in there.. What a pisser, man.. EVERYTHING that could go wrong wtih this "rebuilt" engine has.. I guess the age old saying of hearing it run is a good way to buy it, doesn"t really hold true.. I guess I"ll try to tap in a new one, and if that doesn"t work, I"ll switch to rubber (Although the one behind the mount, I might just have to abandon and hope it does come ejecting outta there). Who knows, engine might blow up in 30 seconds and have to come out anyways, it would be a shame to pull it, put a freeze plug in, put it in, and kaboom.

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Winter in Ontario? Freeze plug popped out? Was there any water in the block during the winter? If there was, when the water freezes it expands and pops out the freeze plugs instead of cracking the block. If that"s the case, you might want to replace them all. You don"t want to loose one while driving
no, no water.. I"ve never fired the engine personally, it"s dry in there.. Musta been poorly installed by the PO? The only time it coulda happened is when I was jacking and lowering the car and it musta worked it"s way loose. Maybe I"ll replace the ones i can get to. Unfortunately, as I said, the one behind the mount looks like it should be replaced. Maybe I can make something of a tool that looks kind of like a U with a round socket or somethign on the bottom of the U to push the freeze plug in, and then I can put a bar across the open ends that will end up accessible in front of the motor mounts to tap it in.. But I"m just thinking out loud here.
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