Fixing the tail light on a Dodge ram is so an easy anyone deserve to do it. This how-to will guide you with replacing the tail irradiate bulb and assembly.

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This article uses to the Dodge ram (1994-present).

Fixing a broken or shed out tail irradiate is important and can obtain you right into trouble if friend don"t solve it as shortly as possible. Thankfully, that is neither expensive nor complicated to fix. Anybody deserve to fix a tail light, and also you can, too, if you monitor the indict in this article.


Materials NeededReplacement tail light bulb and/or assemblyT25 Torx screwdriverPhillips screwdriverSoft pry tool (optional)

Step 1 – remove the tail light assembly

Open the tailgate on your truck and also you"ll see 2 T25 Torx screws next to the tail irradiate assembly just below the the tailgate hinge. Every you need to do is eliminate these 2 screws then you deserve to just traction the tail irradiate assembly native the truck. If you"re having actually trouble gaining it come come out, friend can shot prying the off. Make sure to just use a soft pry device so girlfriend don"t scrape the repaint on the truck. Once you have actually it loosened you"ll need to unplug the electrical harness. Pry the end the tiny red clip ~ above the harness climate squeeze the end of the exploit to pull it out.

Figure 1. Undo the two Torx screws.
Pro Tip

Newer truck models starting from the "08 model have the harnesses straight attached to the pear sockets. Just twist the pear sockets counter-clockwise to remove them indigenous the tail light assembly.

Step 2 – replace the tail light bulb and also assembly

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the four screws holding the bulb circuit plate to the tail irradiate assembly. Pull out the plate and also find the bulb you have to replace. Simply pull the bulb out and also insert the brand-new one. You have to hear the click into place. ~ that, it"s just the reverse procedure to install the assembly:

Attach the bulb circuit plate to the tail light assembly and tighten the 4 Phillips screws.Connect the electric harness and also reattach the red clip come the harness.Line increase the pins top top the tail irradiate assembly come the holes in the side of the truck and insert the assembly come the truck.Tighten down the 2 T25 Torx screws.

Be certain to take the time to test the bulbs and also make certain they work. Remember that if one pear has burned out, the other could be ~ above its means out so it may be finest to replace the the contrary bulb together well.

Figure 2. Eliminate these four Phillips screws.Figure 3. Just pull the bulb to eliminate it.

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Be careful when dealing with the bulbs just after steering the truck because they deserve to get really hot as soon as they"ve being used.