l>92-95 Honda civic door panel removal

Welcome to the on-line installation tutorial!

This tutorial will display you exactly how to download a Jimmi" Jammer™ top top a 1992 -1995 Honda Civic or DelSol 93-97.

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Jimmi" Jammer™ component Number: 095020 (marked on back of package and also each plate.) The plate significant "Left" goes inside the vehicle drivers door, and the plate significant "Right" goes inside the passenger door.

Time Required: First door about 30 min, 2nd door around 20 min.

Tools Required:

Metric socket collection with extension Long nose pliers Standard and also phillips screwdrivers

Installation Procedure:

Photo 1

The first photo shows the whole inside door panel. This will certainly be eliminated to install the plates.

The speaker grill has been removed. The following pieces to remove are the home window crank handle and also the inner door manage shroud. See picture 2.

It is sometimes easier to remove the panel when the home window is down, so role it down prior to removing the crank.


Photo 2

To remove the window crank, you can either use the special tool easily accessible at body shop supply stores, repaint stores or various other outlets, or usage the old bodymans trick the follows...

Push earlier the panel and try to watch where the C-clip stop the crank come the column is positioned. The clip will certainly be up close to the crank body and also there is probly a shroud between the clip and also the door panel that requirements to be pushed toward the door panel. Rotate the clip using a tiny screwdriver so the the two ends of the clip space pointing upward. Take an old T-shirt, stretch out a right edge that cloth and start functioning it under onto the clip end holding it tight. As the fabric bunches up and forces the clip down, it will pop off. Occupational the shirt earlier and forth and also down till the clip comes off. This takes part practice but works well.

Next, eliminate the screw on the inside top corner of the door panel.

Remove the screw within the inner door take care of shroud and pull turn off the shroud.

Remove the screw within the armrest pull grip.

Pull the edge of the door panel the end only enough to see the snap clip places holding the panel to the door. Use a flat screwdriver and small block because that leverage and pop the clips out of the holder in the door. Over there are about 8-10 clips roughly the perimeter the the panel. Popular music them all outward.

Carefully lift the panel turn off the door


Photo 3

Now, placed the crank back on without securing it with the clip, and also roll the home window to the increase position.

Gently peel ago the top outside edge of the plastic splash guard. Try not to pull the adhesive off the door.

You now should have actually a clear check out of the back of the external door handle. The plate provides both manage mounting bolts and also rests between the external door metal and inner lock rods. See photograph 4.


Photo 4

To install the plate, that is most basic to remove the lock pawl from the earlier of the lock cylinder. The pawl hold the lock rod at the cylinder. First, usage a long nose plier and squeeze the top outside edge of the pawl, climate the bottom corner while applying slight pressure to the rod. The lock rod need to pop the end of the pawl easily.

See photo 5 for removal the the lock pawl.


Photo 5

This photo shows the handle external the door because that clarity. The is not important to eliminate the handle from the door.

To eliminate the lock pawl, very closely pry the c-clip turn off the cylinder. The lock pawl then will certainly lift straight off the cylinder.

Remove the two take care of bolts hold the take care of on the door.


Photo 6

Prep the bowl by making use of a little piece of tape to host one flat washer over each mounting hole. This help hold every little thing in place while working.


Photo 7

This photograph shows how the plate will fit top top the handle, displayed outside the door because that clarity.

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Bring the plate right into the door, slide the big hole in the plate over the lock cylinder.

Align the plate mounting holes through the door manage mounting holes and insert the bolts listed with the kit.

Be sure to tighten up both bolts, yet do no over-tighten.

Very Important:

Test the lock operation before putting the door back together.

This completes the installation. You deserve to put the door ago together and start the various other side.