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Hi many thanks for analysis this. I recently had actually pine beams sandblasted in attic, then invested a pair of mainly wirebrushing them and also bringing them back to natural wood and they look great. Unfortunatley we were advised to linseed oil them through boiled linseed and after one was done us were ruined to uncover that castle were really dark and deep red in colour and we really desire to gain them ago to how they were before the linseed oil was applied. Does anyone have any kind of suggestions because that removing the linseed oil and also getting it earlier to come the herbal look it had before?. Thank you. This is how we feel adhering to lots of difficult graft just to uncover it ruined

WELCOME come THE FORUMUsing paint thinner (mineral spirits) and rags is one way. You"ll have to gain it wet sufficient to wipe down and using clean rags to gain the oil off. What will additionally happen is it will certainly dilute the existing oil into the pores. Not too much else you can do. You can gain the content pretty fine removed and diluted, and also then permit dry. Ns doubt girlfriend will get it all out.
removing linseed oilThank girlfriend for her advice, ns have made decision to have actually the beam sandblasted again, as time is one issue and I/we had currently spent a main or for this reason stripping the beams downs through a wire brush in a drill.Thanks again for the advice it was much appreciated...Andy
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