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Water Purification TabletsScoreTime come PurifyAmount Purified per TabletEffective against Cryptosporidium?
Top Pick: Katadyn Micropur MP1
40 min0.75 together cold or 1.89 l room temperatureNo
Best nose Hair Burner: Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets
240 min1 LYes

We spent 5 days drinking nothing however tablet-purified water to uncover out i m sorry brand the water purification tablets truly works best. Ultimately, we discovered that Katadyn Micropur MP1 is the brand come choose. It has actually decent flavor, combats versus cryptosporidium and the odor won’t burn your nose hairs.

It to be a long journey to uncover that Katadyn Micropur MP1 was the right selection to walk with. It started method back when I to be a small girl play the online Oregon trail game.

After mine 7th deadly strike with dysentery that week, ns promised myself something: i would never die the dysentery again.

More importantly, I’d never let any of my family members or love ones go with that awful death again. That’s why, among other arguably much more realistic reasons, I lug water purification tablets as soon as I walk backpacking.

There are several water purification tablet computers to choose from top top the market, plenty much more than there were in the 1800s. Yet which brand tastes the best? which ones death cryptosporidium? i beg your pardon one will ensure her wheels and also axles don’t snap throughout river crossings?

We collection off to discover out.


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Top Pick: Katadyn Micropur MP1


I’ll be moral with you.

I really want to provide this compensation to the Aquatabs, provided its flavor and easy instructions.

But the peak water purification tablet should kill all microorganisms, including cryptosporidium. Use over flavor. This tablets perform that, while the Aquatabs only kill bacteria and also viruses.

For the reason, the Katadyn Micropur MP1 took residence our top Pick award.

The Katadyn Micropur MP1 tablets have the finest taste of all the crypto-fighting tablets and also come in a long lasting package the is still relatively easy come open. Water purified v these tablet computers didn’t wake up my skin or neck at all, yet know that I’ve been using tablets for a few years now. Irritation and also side effects are various for every person. These tablets are also relatively cheap comparatively, which gave this choice bonus worth points as well.

Runner-Up: drinkable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide

I consider the potable Aqua Chorline Dioxide tablet computers to be your average, for sure water purification tablets. They’re no too strong in odor or taste, and the packaging is reasonably durable.

This brand is very comparable to Katadyn, except for one little thing: water purified with one of these tablets might have given me a scratchy throat.

Admittedly, this to be the first tablet that i sampled because that a full day. It’s possible that my body was just getting used to adding chlorine ago in the diet. However, recognize that the score to be so close in between these tables and also the Katadyn Micropur MP1 tablets that the one side effect came to be the deciding variable in me choosing this as the Runner-Up instead of the peak Pick.

Best Taste: safe and clean Aqua through PA+Plus


After a couple of days of chugging chemicals, i was curious what this two-part powerhouse can do.

I put in the iodine tablet and allow it execute it’s job. Before even utilizing the second-step tablet — whose only purpose is come neutralize the iodine after-taste and also color in the water — i smelled and tasted the treated water.

It smelled like water. It even tasted choose water! ns was impressed that the chemical taste was practically nonexistent.

I then placed in the neutralizing tablets. I’m not sure how big of a difference they made, but I was currently pleased. Water treated through these tablet computers was the finest tasting water ns drank all week, and it posed no wake up whatsoever.

Note: potable Aqua sells their iodine tablet computers with or without PA+Plus. PA+Plus tablets space neutralizing tablet computers for usage after water has actually been cure with potable Aqua. Castle neutralize the iodine after-taste and also color in the water. If girlfriend don’t desire the PA+Plus tablets, you deserve to buy just the safe and clean Aqua tablets.

Best Value: Aquatabs


Although Aquatabs execute not combat cryptosporidium, they would most likely keep my Oregon Trail family members safe.

I to be impressed by the bang because that the buck top top this one. We uncovered them for reasonably cheap online.

The taste is good, when the smell is just mildly chemical. This tablets space lightweight and don’t take too lengthy to wash — only 40 minutes.

The only trouble with the Aquatabs is that the packaging isn’t really durable. This to be the just brand the didn’t happen the durability test. The tablets just crumbled into dust. But, on the other hand, the package is straightforward to open, something ns can’t say for all tablets we tested.

Best nose Hair Burner: Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets

The Aquamira Water Purifier tablet computers — favor all other crypto-combatting tablets — take four hours come purify water.

I had heard the this stuff is extremely potent so, the end of curiosity, i took a huge whiff of the Aquamira-treated water around the 2-hour purification mark.

Big mistake.

I coughed. I wheezed. It melted my sleep hairs. It had actually me dual checking the I acquired the dosage right.

After the purification procedure completed 2 hrs later, the water no longer smelled prefer pure bleach, however it to be still definitely the strongest smelling that the products. The flavor was decent yet chemical. mine lips tingled every now and also then transparent the day, but that may not have been pertained to these tablets (I eat numerous jalapeños).

I found it amazing that the Aquamira tablet computers were therefore strong, since before this project, my favourite water purification technique was the two-part Aquamira water treatment drops.


Here room the finest water purification tablets:

Katadyn Micropur MP1Potable Aqua Chlorine DioxidePotable Aqua through PA+PlusAquatabsAquamira Water Purifier Tablets

How to select the finest Water Purification tablets for your Needs

Beyond searching for water purification tablets that “just work”, right here are the necessary specs come consider prior to buying.

Time come Purify/Ease the Preparation

Are you somebody who constantly forgets to execute things ~ above a schedule? then a 4-hour wait time most likely isn’t ideal. Go through the Aquatabs or the potable Aqua v PA+Plus. Both of this purify your water in much less than an hour.

NOTE: in spite of their convenience, no Aquatabs nor potable Aqua v PA+Plus combat against cryptosporidium, a protozoan recognized to be current in north America.

Otherwise, if you deserve to afford to wait 4 hours for your water come purify, our height Pick and also Runner-Up are the two choices we preferred best.


Weight is, that course, a an important consideration for any kind of backpacking gear. The packages of every the brands us tested weighed much less than an ounce, yet some were more durable 보다 others.

If you desire your fill to be together light as possible, go v the potable Aqua tablets. They to be the lightest tablets we tested.

If you prefer a package that is an ext durable, the drinkable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide tablets and also Aquamira tablets space both extremely an overwhelming to open without a camping knife or backpacking knife however keep your tablets intact.

Taste & Smell

How lot of a chemical taste and smell have the right to you take care of in your water?

If you’re extremely sensitive, we recommend you get the potable Aqua through PA+Plus since the PA+Plus tablet computers neutralize the iodine after-taste and color in the water.

Alternatively, if you favor a strong chemical odor that leaves you 100% confident that any type of living organism the once stayed in your water is certainly dead, then pee-yew, Aquamira Water Purifier tablets are right for you.

Microorganisms the tablet computers Are effective Against

All the water purification tablet computers we tested kill viruses and bacteria when used correctly. However, not all death cryptosporidium.

Make certain to choose a brand that kills all the microbe you could encounter on your backcountry trip. We’ve suggested which of the brands we tested are effective versus cryptosporidium in the table in ~ the optimal of this article.

Alternatives to Water Purification Tablets

Here space two different ways come purify water:

How us Tested


Our testing procedure was three-fold.

1) Taste Test

First and also foremost, we wanted to check the really taste the the purified water. To carry out this, we drank water purified v each tablet. Us then scored the waters on exactly how badly castle smelled that chemicals and how lot the taste reminded united state of water in ~ a windy pool.


2) Side-Effect Test

Secondly, we wanted to ensure the there wouldn’t be any side-effects from repetitively using each brand. For 5 days, we exclusively drank water purified by these tablets — even if it is it came from streams, rivers or sketchy-looking park faucets.

Each day, we focused on a various brand and then measured exactly how we felt transparent the day. Did anyone get a sick throat? go anyone suffer eye wake up or, at worst, chemical burns?

3) Packaging Test

Lastly, us scored every brand ~ above its packaging. We threw each package of tablet computers in the bottom of backpacks and suitcases, stepped top top them, you name it. If the tablet exploded right into a powder, it shed points.

While trust was essential here, for the next component of this test, we measured the opposite. Just how easy are the packages to open? perform I need a knife (because if i do, the really blows because I don’t always carry among those) or will my this suffice?


No matter how well the tablet scored in taste, smell and also packaging, 10 points to be deducted native the final score that any tablet that is not effective against cryptosporidium. Us hope that, by act this, us can bring extra awareness to this spec, in situations where this may jeopardize your health.

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All assets tested space certified and meet EPA microbiological water purifying test standards. We’re not functioning from a laboratory here, so us just had actually to trust the if these things space on the market, they won’t death us. Nobody died of dysentery throughout our research, therefore we speak to that a win.