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The Mermaid potion Kit celebrates the magic that the sea through ingredients choose "Kelp Extract”, "Elixir that Atlantis” and “Mermaid Breath". Potion machines receive instructions and tools to mix a potion because that attracting mermaids, do spells to conquer a are afraid of deep water and also the history of Tridents in mythology.

Select in between either a cool "Peacock" or a "Secret Garden" design. Both space lush books made with a sturdy frame and lined through velour flocking, closing v a magnetic clasp. All the potions and supplies come packed within the concealed compartment for for sure keeping. 

The Mermaid Potion Kit comes in two sizes, both include The Mermaid Potions:

Deck that 15 tarot size cards v recipes, ingredient histories and mythological learnings5 shimmering fluid potions in glass droppers3 dry ingredients in glass vials through corks4 itsy-bitsy potion bottles to save completed potions

Beginner"s Book box - $32Around the dimension of a consistent book this kit come with The Mermaid Potions and:

1-2 curiosities favor a refined stone or featherEnchanted decision spoon

Practitioner"s book Box - $58Truly a dream gift because that the busy potion maker! This publication is around the size of a phone call book. It comes stuffed with The Mermaid Potions and a complete collection of potion making tools. Includes:

Ceramic Mortar & PestleLarge glass potion bottle v a corkExtra vialPotion party necklace on a silk ribbonEnchanted crystal spoon3-5 curios like feathers, crystals and also found treasuresExtra collection of wish sized potion bottlesBook is sized at 13 x 8.5 x 2.75 customs
how does the work?

A deck of 15 unique cards comes through each collection of medicine ingredients. Potions and spells are rooted in age-appropriate traditional folkways, magical history (yes, the Philosopher"s rock is a actual thing!) and growing emotionally intelligence (like exactly how to manage a thought that won"t walk away).Using your potion recipes and included ingredients and also tools, and also some simple household items favor salt or honey, the recipe or order is made.Most potions take several straightforward steps to complete, a wonderful practice in following multi-step directions. Adult supervision is not usually required to finish a potion (and in our opinion, that makes the perfect toy).Then what?

Potions are offered in non-consumable ways. For example, it maybe droppered right into the medicine necklace or placed on a item of document and left under a pillow. All need imagination and intention, which captures the spirit of keeping magic alive through childhood! Kids really can run faster and sleep much better after making use of their potion.We have found that kids, as soon as they have used their kit ingredients, conveniently venture out right into the yard and cupboards come come up with their very own potions. This is the most interesting part! Kids use the medicine kit as the starting point because that even more imaginative and magical thinking.



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periods & safety and security

Ages 5+Small parts, glassware, spills and also fine motor an abilities make potion kits unsuitable for youngsters under five. 

Potion and also ingredient cards are written in ~ a 3rd - 5th grade analysis level, younger kids will need help reading your cards. Recipes have been developed with exact herbal and also mythological references - what a fun way to start experimenting plant medicine and myths!