Personally, that beats me why you"d desire to make someone orgasm ASAP uneven you weren"t having actually a good time (in which instance abort mission immediately). Yet if you"re having sex with a guy and want to try some dirrrty speak to make him orgasm, why the F not?

Straight men of Reddit have revealed what points women deserve to say to do them ejaculate quicker, and also don"t worry, they"re actually not all complete filth.

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1. "Oh yes, don"t stop."

2. "My SO simply moans in mine ear while she"s on top - cum almost instantly."


3. ""I want you come come in me" that"ll work." Hope this guy"s making sure he is STD-free and also his partner"s completely covered, contraception-wise.

4. ""I"m gonna come." mine d*ck tries come betray me every time."

5. "Personally any type of dirty talk that states that you want me to come, or the you wanna feel/swallow it/whatever functions pretty well."


6. "My girlfriend just said "I love you" and also I couldn"t prevent myself at the point." Aww, you big softie!

7. "Blunt stuff, favor "this is what i think about when ns touch myself." learning the girl is really into me and into what I"m doing is nice sexy."

8. "When my girlfriend whispers me something along the lines of "You"re mine" i can"t hold it back."


9. "I choose "come for me"."

10. "Anything that communicates enthusiasm and also excitement. there is no enlarge turn-on 보다 being wanted."

11. "My GF recently started speak my name and it"s pretty cursed hot."

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