one of the most iconic, memorable, and also interesting Pokémon ever developed is Magikarp. This small, rather pathetic little fish was very first introduced in Generation I, and it"s had a lasting impact on players almost everywhere as among the many common and also reliable Pokémon in the series.

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recognized for its horrendous basic stat total and also total inability to really perform anything, Magikarp will eventually evolve into the powerful, terrifying, and also super-cool Gyarados. But, how deserve to you make this happen? Here"s a guide on exactly how to record a Magikarp of her own, exactly how to evolve it right into Gyarados, and also a couple of other things around this funny fish that you can not know.

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If you"re feather to discover a wild Magikarp, friend won"t need to look also hard. This Water-type is extremely typical in practically every game it appears in, including in the Galar region.

Take your fishing rod to any kind of of the complying with places: path 2, 4, 5, or 6, Axew"s Eye, bridge Field, east Lake Axewell, Motostoke, phibìc Lake Miloch, the deeper parts of the Slumbering Weald, southern Lake Miloch, West Lake Axewell, the fields of Honor, reassuring Wetlands, woodland of Focus, difficulty Beach, Courageous Cavern, Loop Lagoon, training Lowlands, the Workout, Stepping-Stone, Insular, and also Honeycalm Seas, or Honeycalm Island.

Magikarp can likewise be uncovered in the overworld by surfing on West Lake Axewell or south Lake Miloch. Fishing on route 2 brings an 80% opportunity of a Magikarp, so it"s the ideal bet, probably.

Evolving a Magikarp into a Gyarados is quite easy most of the time. You simply need to level it approximately level 20 and also it"ll evolve into the powerful Water/Flying-type. However, because Magikarp is useless in battle, it deserve to sometimes be challenging. Simply keep the in her party and the Exp. Re-superstructure will perform all the work.

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many of the time, Magikarp is caught in the wild in ~ a level higher than 20, for this reason it"s normally pretty easy. Luckily, there space a variety of ways come level increase Pokémon in the Gen VIII games.

due to the fact that it"s recorded in numerous different areas in virtually every game, Magikarp deserve to be recorded at part wildly excessive levels. It in reality holds the record for the shortest level a wild Pokémon deserve to be caught at, and also the highest.

Head come the will area in Pokémon Platinum, and also you"ll be able to catch both Magikarp and Gyarados at any kind of level ranging in between level 1 and level 100.

Typically, Pokémon only come in two colors — their normal coloring, and also a shining variant. However, Magikarp place this come shame, comes in a couple dozen colors.

This is, the course, since of Magikarp Jump!, a mobile video game where multiple ranges of Magikarp have the right to be caught. There"s a typical orange "karp, and about nine or ten that are orange through a various white sample on their body. Over there are likewise pink Magikarp, blue ones, purple ones, brown, white, black, blue, and more. There"s also, that course, the standard gold shining Magikarp.

some Pokémon have in-game lore about how they evolve, in spite of those methods not actually needing to be used by the player. Examples incorporate Slowpoke, i m sorry supposedly evolves after a Shellder bites its tail or head, and Larvitar, i beg your pardon is claimed to evolve after consuming a mountain.

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Magikarp is one of these Pokémon, through the story going the Magikarp will jump right into or over a waterfall once it"s ready to evolve, with a Gyarados emerging afterward. This is untrue, of course, and also is based on Chinese legends the state carp the leap with the Dragon gate on a waterfall will come to be a dragon, serving together an allegory because that the power of perserverance.

prefer Slowpoke, the only place Magikarp"s lore-based development can be viewed in a video game is in Pokémon Snap, where the player can knock a Magikarp into a waterfall and also see a Gyarados come out.

speaking of Pokémon Snap, it is residence to an amazing bit the trivia about Magikarp. In Snap, Magikarp is the only Pokémon that have the right to be discovered on every single stage in the game, save for the Rainbow Cloud, ~ above which only Mew appears.

Magikarp is discovered by throwing an item into body of water nearly everywhere the you can. They"ll fly the end of the water and also flop roughly in the air for a an excellent photo op. They"ll even show up in the small body that water at the end of the Volcano level.

The trailer because that the brand-new Pokémon Snap also shows Magikarp, definition it might retain its title.

once deciding top top a moveset for a Pokémon, it"s important to shot and find great moves that have actually STAB, or the Same-Type assault Bonus, which provides a slim damage rise to every damaging move that are the same form as the user.

Magikarp is a pure Water-type, therefore it need to aim for Water-type moves. Unfortunately, that doesn"t learn any Water-type move by level increase in Generation VIII. It can learn a single Water-type move — Hydro Pump — v the use of a breakable TR.

It"s no mystery that Magikarp is type of a pathetic Pokémon. Being mainly useless is type of that is thing, serving together that story of perseverance from the Chinese legend on which it"s based.

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However, the Pokédex points out its uselessness in very mean ways over and over. Transparent the numerous Pokédex entries because that Magikarp, it"s referred to as "weak and pathetic," "a pathetic excuse because that a Pokémon," "underpowered," "virtually useless," and also "famous for being an extremely unreliable." One entry even states the its just purpose is to aid many other Pokémon "enjoy much longer life spans" because they catch and also eat it.

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Magikarp might be greatly useless, yet it"s solid gold in part ways. Special, it has an amazing gold shiny the its pretty famous for. It transforms out that this shining is extremely sought-after, even in the anime series.

In the XY series episode Going because that the Gold!, Ash and friends arrive in a seaside town. Here, they accomplish a guy who is searching for the fabled yellow Magikarp and also trying to catch it. This golden "karp supposedly saved a male from drowning long ago. The corridor attempt to fish because that the golden Magikarp, with Clemon also inventing a an equipment for the task. However, Team Rocket gets in the way. However, the golden Magikarp does make an appearance towards the finish of the episode.

Magikarp has always been recognized for having actually one of the lowest base stat totals of any type of Pokémon, sitting at a measly 200. When not rather the record-holder for the lowest, it"s quiet pretty sad.

However, as soon as it evolves, Magikarp"s base stat total almost triples, v Gyarados" sitting at a beautiful 540. Magikarp may not organize the document for the shortest total, yet it does tie through Feebas because that the document of the greatest jump upon evolution, jumping 340 points.