The battery the a LeSabre is under the rear seat. There"s a remote hopeful terminal under the hood that makes it basic to jump begin the LeSabre, but I"m not sure exactly how to run start another car utilizing the LeSabre without opening up the rear seat and using relatively long jumper cables, i beg your pardon is nice tricky to pull turn off if also possible. A friend said that instead of connecting the an adverse terminal that the live battery come the engine block the the dead automobile I could just connect the negative terminal that the dead battery to the engine block the the live car, but I"m not sure just how safe and/or reliable that is. Anyone have any type of ideas?

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You"re trying to produce a circuit here. If you look at your vehicle battery, you"ll see that the negative battery cable will go come the car"s body.By attaching the an unfavorable cable to a clean, unpainted spot on the human body or engine block you"re closing the circuit to the battery, lot like if you went to the an adverse terminal write-up itself. The reason you avoid the terminal is the danger of sparking vapor that have the right to be venting native the battery.Does that assist at all?posted by Stagger Lee at 12:34 afternoon on January 6, 2012 <1 favorite>
Response by poster: OK, so in theory you can even simply go engine block/chassis to engine block/chassis and also not have either an adverse terminal directly linked then?posted by kmz in ~ 12:37 pm on January 6, 2012
Jump beginning was somewhat addressed recently here which may assist you recognize the process better; one little of advice to take into consideration is check the owner"s manual; that should have actually instructions top top jumping the car and also using it to jump an additional car.posted through TedW in ~ 12:39 pm on January 6, 2012 <1 favorite>
OK, so in concept you could even just go engine block/chassis to engine block/chassis and not have actually either an unfavorable terminal directly associated then?Yes, in most cars (and all modern-day cars since say 1960 or 1970) the an adverse post that the battery is connected directly to the chassis with a thick cable or strap.posted by TedW in ~ 12:40 pm on January 6, 2012
TedW consist of the rest, that various other thread is good, albeit a little bit of an information dump. If your owner"s manual doesn"t to speak anything specific, you can try going appropriate to the block/chassis and also you need to be fine.posted by Stagger Lee at 12:42 pm on January 6, 2012
Response by poster: Yeah, regrettably the owner"s hands-on of the LeSabre just covers jumping the LeSabre, not making use of it come jump one more car.Alright, I"m gonna try this in a tiny bit... Will certainly report top top results! thanks y"all.posted by kmz at 12:46 pm on January 6, 2012
I"m pretty certain you need to have the cables actually associated to both terminals that the battery ~ above the vehicle doing the jumping. The negative-cable-to-chassis (or engine block) link is just on the dead car.posted by Thorzdad in ~ 1:53 pm on January 6, 2012
"I"m pretty sure you have to have the cables actually connected to both terminals the the battery ~ above the auto doing the jumping. The negative-cable-to-chassis (or engine block) connection is only on the dead car."Nope. An adverse on the engine block is the very same as the negative on the battery (give or take it a slight little bit of resistance).posted through Pinback in ~ 2:27 afternoon on January 6, 2012 <1 favorite>
You could constantly just park the car perpendicular to each other. Cable length difficulty solved.posted by matty at 4:03 pm on January 6, 2012
Thorzdad: "I"m pretty sure you need to have the cables actually connected to both terminals that the battery ~ above the vehicle doing the jumping. The negative-cable-to-chassis (or engine block) connection is only on the dead car."nope, as long as it"s wired in, the chassis is electrically identical to the an adverse terminal. There is the possibility of a voltage autumn if the link is dirty or loose; that"s why it"s recommended to affix straight to the "donor" terminals.posted by ArgentCorvid at 7:26 afternoon on January 6, 2012 <1 favorite>
Jump beginning just requirements solid connections between corresponding terminals that donor and also dead auto batteries, therefore jump starting another automobile from your LeSabre will need precisely the same wiring as you"d use to jump start your LeSabre from another car.Just make certain that the last link you make, and also the first one you break, is nowhere near a possibly-gassing battery (the remote connection under the hood that the LeSabre sounds ideal); likewise make sure that you never accidentally permit something linked to the red jump lead touch something linked to the black jump command (this is much easier if you completely connect the first lead prior to connecting either finish of the second).Minor voltage drops as result of long wires or indirect relationships are conveniently worked around by permitting the donor car to fee the dead one"s battery because that a pair of minutes before attempting a start. That way the "dead" battery will have built up enough charge to make a good contribution come the beginning current, which method the jumper command circuit has actually less to do. Transforming on the dead car"s ignition 15 seconds before attempting the actual begin can help too, by offering the electric fuel pump time to do its thing.posted by flabdablet at 6:30 am on January 7, 2012 <1 favorite>
Agreeing through everyone below - the engine block and the chassis room both tantamount to the negative terminal ~ above the battery being as they are linked right to it. The positive post in the engine just is the same identical for the positive terminal. You deserve to ignore the shape and just take into consideration them connecting come the battery.So just how you"d carry battery power TO your automobile is the exact same as just how you"d transfer it indigenous your vehicle to execute a jump start.I"d stick come the engine block earth, because finding one unpainted component of your chassis to connect to definitely should be an extremely hard ~ above a modern car. Among those nice sticky out aluminium/steel brackets that is bolted come the block is your finest bet.posted through Brockles in ~ 7:11 am on January 7, 2012 <1 favorite>
Response by poster: simply wanted to say the the jump worked perfectly this time, so thanks everybody!posted by kmz at 10:51 am on January 9, 2012 <1 favorite>
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