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Hey everyone, this day I have actually received news on exactly how to obtain Willow ~ above Moshi Monsters!You will need to have downloaded the Moshi Monsters village app.

Open up your Moshi town app and go to the gift shop.Click top top the safe icon at the top, then Moshi Monsters online Code.Visit your Moshling garden and also plant the exclude, Twistletoe berry seed.Drag the seed from her inventory. Plant it in a cost-free plot with two various other seeds.Wait three hours (if you’re a member) or six hrs (if friend aren’t). Climate you will have Willow the broken Deer and completed the Frosties!

Special thanks to my friend, Mariojoe11 for providing this information.

That’s all for now.

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Sorry I’ve no been posting recently, ns am quite ill, just controlled to do this post with a headache and also a cold, I’ll get worse later.