You get all the fourth dimension items, give it to the professor.. now getting through thelab, thatsd a different story..

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Have to get the 3 4d objects, Hyper cube, Klein Bottle, and mobis strip. You can buy themall for 300k, or do various tasks, such as get squeege from emo guy on bottom right offirst area by giving him a self help book from wally-mart, then give the squeege to a guyin the afternoon in between the basketball court and 11-7 to get klein bottle. To getHypercube, get intelligence to 700 and beat guy at chess place in university, for themobis strip, buy 3 coca and give to police (will give you good carma), there are a fewother ways to get them as well, but I can"t remember off the top of my head -017Hoff

i gave the emo guy painful killers instead of the bookand i got the hypercube by giving the prince dude in jail 10000 dollars

to get the mobius strip u could also give coca to the coca *** cowboy who shows up atnight around crazy condosand just talk to the professor

i already beat the game lol. (Take half damage for 100 xcash) And Ak-47 Glitch so you donthave to hold your mouse and it auto fires. 8D well i might as well to speak . Just hold andshoot then right click till it holds then start moving around and if your settings boxpops up just close it and just walk around shoot dodge and enjoy. Took me 98 days tocomplete.

Wow the ending is fking crazy. there are 3 portals. the one on the left takes u to stickrpg complete, on a little tv screen, with all new text. the middle is the original ending.and the right. well, figure it out.



I"VE GOT ONE BUT SO MUCH MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guys, when you walk into the cop station, talk to the guy standing on the lowerleft whenuwalk in. talk to him 3 timesto give him the coca. Then, face the chess guy. And theproffesor is in the roomin the left door, he has a redhead. lethim talk once, then talk tohim 3 more times. I would suggest maxing a police job to get their shotgun, it is epic.

i beat the first game 2nd and waiting for 3rd I LOVE THIS SERIES lol i got game overtrophy and you know what? its for getting married lmbo lol fun fun funny on heavens door


you need to buy 3 coca from that caravan guy and give it to the cops to get one of them.then you need to get 700 intel. and beat the kid in u of s at chess. then you need to geta self help book from wallimart and give it to a guy in the bottom right of the first area(hes near a cliff). then give them all to professor ansel and he gives you the lab key



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