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By Solar_Divine
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| | | | | | / / | |_ _ _ _| | | |/ /| _ _ _ _ _| _ _ _ _ | / _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _| | | _ _ || \ | _ _ || |/_\/ _ \ | _ _ || |/_ \| | | | | || |\ \ | _ _ _|| / \ / \ || | | || / \ \| | | |_ _| || | \ \ | |_ _ _ | | | | | || |_ _| || | | ||_| |_ _ _ _||_| \_||_ _ _ _||_| |_| |_|}_ _ _ _||_| |_| EMERALD variation LEGENDARY POKEMON FAQ - -Introduction- - This FAQ tells you how to catch the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald Version. If girlfriend haveany questions, call me at jayman717 Read THE direction FIRST, uneven you wantto say,"You might have said me the earlier," once you don't have something and realize the isthere in capital letters. 1. RAYQUAZA Rayquaza have the right to be uncovered at Sky obelisk after having actually it calm Kyogre and also Groudon. Sky Pillar

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can be discovered on the southern side the the map on a tiny island north of the path 131, througha tiny group the boulders. as soon as you discover it, go into the cave and head upwards, then exit the cave. Head a littlefurther up and also enter the cave. You'll notice that the cavern is different, but it's not thathard. The adhering to floors are, though. once you go into the 2nd floor, head one space right and get out your bike. Ridestraight through the cracks until you struggle the wall. Now do the same going left. This is whereit gets harder. Head come the room left that the bottom left corner of the room. Ride your bikestraight and also turn appropriate quickly and head increase again quickly. when you get in the third floor, simply walk around the rocks like you go on the firstfloor. as soon as you go into the fourth floor, get your bicycle out and head straight and turn left ~ above themiddle crack of the following three, then when you're around to hit the rock, head upwards quickly.Now head come the up-side that the rocks in between the 2 previous cracks. Head upwards through yourbike and turn right and stop as quickly as you happen the first crack therefore you loss in the two middlecracks. You'll be went back to the third floor, and also head up the stairs. Go up the staircase toyour left. as soon as you get in the fifth floor, simply walk about the rocks choose you did on the very first andthird floor. SAVE! Rayquaza is appropriate up the path. Once you challenge it, make certain you threaten it... A lot,because that is Level 70! A Pokemon approximately Level 65 will certainly do, simply don't usage your strongest attacks.Stock plenty of Hyper Potions, since it's Outrage attack devastates. Litter the recommended UltraBall once it confuses itself at low HP and it have to be captured in a few tries, escape onthe condition. 2. GROUDON Groudon is easily accessible after quiet it under at Sootopolis. Go to the Weather Insitute whereyou received a Castform and talk come the scientist ~ above the second floor ~ above the computer. The willeither say the there is a dryness or hefty rainfall in a certain route. If it's a drought, goto the stated route. when you arrive, you'll notice the display screen will be brighter and beaming every second. Thatmeans that you room close. Search for a cave entrance, usually found by surfing in the nearbywater and also finding new land. When you discover it, get in Terra Cave. after ~ breezing through the an initial room and also SAVING, you'll enter a steamy room with a poolof lava. Walk around the wall surface and you'll see Groudon. Walk approximately the swimming pool of lava in Groudon'sdirection and also it will difficulty you. That isn't all the tough, but watch out for his Solar Beamthe turns after he absorbs sunlight. Sometimes, a good Ball works much better after happen it'sHP down.3. KYOGRE Kyogre is accessible after quiet it down at Sootopolis. Go to the Weather institute whereyou received a Castform and also talk to the scientist ~ above the second floor ~ above the computer. That willeither say that there is a drought ot hefty rainfall. If it's hefty rainfall, walk to the specifiedroute and also search because that a lone square diving area. Dive when you discover it. Head upwards from whereby you start and head into the cave. Native there, usage Dive to resurfaceand head into the cave up ahead. After breezing through the first room and SAVING, you'll entera misty room will certainly body the water. Walk roughly the wall surface and you'll see Kyogre. Walk as much as the bodyof water in Kyogre's direction and an obstacle you. Choose Groudon, it isn't tough, however it has a tadhigher an essential hit ratio. Sometimes, Ultra Balls job-related on it once its HP is low. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! an alert ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! have you seen one of the three small hills with 6 rocks surrounding it? If so, then you'veprobably found it suspicious and tried to dig and/or usage Rock Smash. Did that work? No, it's a littleharder 보다 that. First, try to capture a Relicanth (Underwater routes 124-126) and a Wailord (North the Mossdeep).Then you should use fly to acquire to Pacifidlog, and also head west utilizing Surf. Through the waves and also all, it ishard finding the location where you have to use Dive, yet I'll tell you mine way. ~ surfing from Pacifidlog, head downwards until you find the lowest possible wave come ride onand head into it. A trainer will an obstacle you at the end of the ride. ~ the battle, head to thebottom left absent of the island and around it wher the sea and also the absent are between you. Usage Surf andyou'll it is in taken to another island. Walk to the bottom left corner and use Surf. Two trainers await youin the lone, quiet area, however they space avoidable. Drive the brief wave to the next island and also grab theitem. Currently head to the really bottom of the island wherein it the land each other a hill and use Surf. You'llbe required to one last island. Head to the bottom left corner and walk three spaces upward. Usage Surf andyou arrive at the place where you use Dive. when underwater, head down and use Dive in front of the braille. You'll finish up in a cave withnumerous rocks through Braille. Chathamtownfc.netore them and head come the back wall. Use dig in the center of the Braille.Don't worry, it will say the it will certainly return you come Underwater, yet it will certainly actually open up up a cavern.Now put Wailord as the first Pokemon in your party and also Relicanth together your last. Check out the Braille and also anearthquake will certainly be triggered. The caves wherein the Regis reside are currently open. 4. REGICE Regice is located in route 105. Surf southern on path 104 ~ above the left side until you hit two islandswith tree on them and also a trainer running back and forth. Get off on the an initial island and walk around it.Surf north below until you with a cavern on an island. Go into the cave. within is Braille composing that claims to walk along the walls beginning from the middle of the Brailleuntil youreach the beginning point. The cavern will open. SAVE! inside the cavern is Regice. I must warn you, though, the Regis are an extremely hard to capture (Emphasis on"very", and also emphasis ~ above the emphasis). Fortunately, Regice is the simplest to catch. Walk approximately it andit will an obstacle you. The strike you desire it to usage is Super strength (Which lowers its Attack and Defense)and the assault you don't desire it to use is Curse (Lowers Speed however increases Attack and also Defense). Onceits HP is low, usage a Timer sphere after numerous turns, however like i said, it might take BRAZILLIONS of Pokeballseven if you monitor this.5. REGIROCK Ah, Regirock. Not my friend once it involves being captured. The is situated in path 111. Head northfrom Mauville and also enter the desert. Head southern until you check out a cave. Get in the cave. SAVE! inside is Braille composing that claims to use Rock Smash two SPACES LEFT and TWO SPACES down from themiddle of the Braille writing. The cave will open. Inside the cave is Regirock. Unfortunately, Regirock isharder to record than Regice. Walk approximately it and also it will difficulty you. The strike you want it to usage is SuperPower and the assault you don't want it to usage is Curse. As soon as its HP is low, and hopefully both its assault andDefense room low from Super Power, too, usage a Premier Ball, yet it might take a few tries, or perhaps a dozen tocatch it.6. REGISTEEL AH, REGISTEEL... REAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY no my ideal friend when it pertains to being captured. It islocated in path 120. Head to route 120 from Fortee and also avoid the high grass if you wish. Once you pass themaze of tall grass, drop under from either ledge. Head towards the gurl who provides you one arbitrarily rare berryand head up the surrounding stairs. To walk upwards to thr little field of tall grass and also work your means through it.Head increase the stairs and the cav is just ahead. Get in the cave. inside is Braille creating that claims to use Flash in the an extremely middle of the room. The cavern will open.Inside is Registeel. To trust me, no Pokeball is just right because that Registeel, yet on mine sixth try to capture thatfiend, Registeel, I catch it while the is asleep and also with low HP through an Ultra sphere (Which typically doesn'twork in ~ all) on my an initial try, therefore Ultra sphere it is! Walk up to it and also it will an obstacle you. The strike youwant that to use is secret Power, and the attack you don't want it to use is Curse. For some reason, somePokeballs work much better if every one of its stats are elevated with ancient Power (Rarely). Over there is no easy method ofcatching it, and I guess: v it to be luck that I caught it through one Ultra Ball. Timer Balls don't work even aftertwenty turns...7. LATIOS/LATIAS ~ beating the elite Four, friend are went back to your house and Mom will educate you that a break newsprogram. Throughout the newsflash, it'll say the the unidentified Pokemon is BZZZT. Mommy will ask girlfriend what colorit was out of RED and also BLUE. Select BLUE for LATIOS, and also RED because that LATIAS. YOU execute NOT require THE AURORA TICKET!!!Latios/Latias will show up randomly as soon as surfing roughly Pacifidlog, Mossdeep, and also Sootopolis. Recording Lati