Currently play FireRed. I've acquired 145 on my Pokedex because that Kanto an ar - I'm missing Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise, Pinsir, and Snorlax (I accidentally fainted that twice).

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I'm make the efforts to record my legendary dog Suicune (I choose Charmander). Is there a good method that encountering it? Or is it pretty much chance? thanks in advance!


One cheat you can use is to lead through a Pokemon that's under the level that the to run pokemon but over the level that the local pokemon. As soon as you usage a Repel, the only fight you'll encounter is through the legendary.

Going a little further, the legend pokemon transforms which area it's in as soon as you transition to a brand-new area, an interpretation you can examine to check out if it's there and also do a straightforward area shift if it's not there. However, friend really want to reset the by act something choose going into and also out the a building.

In Emerald, I understand I usage the building that's the southern entrance come the bike path... Get in & departure to move the legendary then view if it's in the area by using the spot of grass just southwest of that. In FR/LG, ns think the area ns would have used was... Ns can't mental its name. That tunnel with Diglet and Dugtrio in it.

Naturally, her lead pokemon will have to be much faster than it so the you have the right to actually carry out something, although if you paralyze them then that standing will rod permanently and cut their speed, definition another slow pokemon could have a chance. Of course, if you do it this way, the to run will store running, running, running.

Next to that, you can prevent it from running. Average Look can be the most common move. Fortunately, you have actually to record Suicune. If you had to attend to Raikou or Entei, castle would have actually Roar. It's my expertise that gift Roared out of fight counts as running, an interpretation the running legend wouldn't be easily accessible anymore! That's part fucking bullshit right there. (Although maybe not as bad as the FR/LG RNG being damaged in a way that constantly gives Suicune/Entei/Raikou bad IVs? ns don't know the details there.) Anyways, if you uncover yourself in a instance where you have actually to catch Entei/Raikou and also you median Look, you'll should either usage Ingrain or you should Baton pass to a pokemon through Suction cups or Soundproof.

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In any type of case, ns guess since you're catching Suicune, you can Mean look at + Baton Pass. Happen to something massively defensive. I like Blissey, yet maybe something rather in the interim to knock some HP off, or something.